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Clexane injection

  1. 0 Does anyone know the reason why we shouldn't clean the site with alcohol when giving clexane subcut injection? :spin:
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    What is Clexane? I've never heard of that drug.
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    Quote from Tampagirl
    I don't know about that specific med but I was told that some meds tell you not to clean the site with alcohol because if you don't allow the alcohol to dry completely it will alter or dilute the med when you inject because the needle picks up the alcohol that was on the skin.

    ETA: When we give Lovenox (same med) we always cleaned the site with alcohol so now I'm ineterested as why you wouldn't clean the site also.
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    Clexane (Enoxaparin) I was told not to use alcohol swab as more likely to sting more and can cause bruising and must admit when I stopped doing it many patients stopped complaining and saw less bruising. Although doesn't say anything on the manufacturers website about it.
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    We have had a few threads in the past discussing to swab or not and I remember years ago the hospital I worked at in the UK stopped swabbing prior s/c injections as research had proven it made no difference in infection rates
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    Re cleaning with alco wipes prior to administration of Clexane (Enoxaparin) - in our latest Clexane in-service we were advised not to wipe as the needles are coated with silicone to facilitate insertion. The alcohol removes the silicone as it enters the skin thus negating the purpose of the silicone. I too have read articles that state not swabbing prior to subcut injections has not shown to increase infection. Yes admittedly if the skin is obviously dirty, use soap and water but millions of people inject themselves with insulin everyday with no adverse effect from not swabbing. I did nurse a lady a few years ago who had used alco wipes every day prior to insulin injections and she had a wide band of leathery skin around her abdomen that you could not penetrate with a needle! Terrible. I encourage my students to ask their buddy nurses for their rationale when using alco wipes prior to subcut injections and they usually say "that's how I was taught" or "everyone does it that way".
    I wish I could find some research articles to put this matter to rest!