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  1. Does anyone know of a good web site that has free nursing care plans to use for reference? If anybody knows can you let me know thanks
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  3. by   Daytonite
    most care plans, especially for school, need to be individualize in some way. your instructors should also be giving you specific instructions on how to set up and write out the care plans you will be turning in for your grades. you want to be sure to follow those instructions. i am always happy to help someone with a care plan, particularly where it comes to determining the nanda diagnoses. if i do not happen to see anyone's post for help on a careplan, send me a private message. if your instructors detect that you have copied careplans from another source you are going to get into potential trouble and possibly violate your school's plagiarism policy. that said, you can see examples of care plans at these sites: - from rn central's care plan corner. here are care plans for 49 basic nursing problems. also includes a template for a blank form you can print out. each care plan gives you the language needed to write the nursing diagnosis statement, suggestions for outcomes, and nursing interventions for that particular problem. - sample care plan for potential for injury (aspiration) - sample care plan for fluid volume excess - this is an archives of student nursing care plans at the state university of new york, buffalo. you will need to check out the links to the various care plans to find out what each care plan is about as they are not given in the links. - sample care plan for an ms patient - this page of links will allow you to view three sample care plans (activity intolerance, functional incontinence, and knowledge deficit) along with a printable template for the care plan. the lower part of this page has nursing care plan guidelines, information for putting together a care plan. from california state university at fresno. - sample care plans for a patient with copd from the nurses in training web site - nursing care plan guidelines for students as fresno state. also includes links to three sample care plans to look at on activity intolerance, functional incontinence, and knowledge deficit. there are also care plan templates there.

    there are also two care plan generator sites that you can use to help you write care plans. they are very helpful in picking out nursing interventions to go with the various nursing diagnoses. these two sites are companion sites that go with the authors care plan books: - care plan generator for the gulanick books - nursing care plan generator for the ackley/ladwig careplan books
  4. by   Daytonite
    Oops! Forgot to say Welcome to allnurses! Forgive the information about NANDA and nursing diagnosis and you may not need to be using those up in Canada. I wasn't paying attention to you profile as I was answering your post. Sorry.
  5. by   italiangirl33
    Thanks so much, i do care plans all the time i just seem to be at odds with what im working on and needed some good resources.
  6. by   Neenee2
    Most of these links are no longer available...Does anyone have some that are?
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    Have you tried your textbooks? I find appropriate nursing DX all over in the text, then use one of my MANY care plan books to help fill in the blanks. Just be sure to cite references before your turn in the paperwork to your instructor. Also, the Evolve website works great if you register for the Gulanick book.
  9. by   Daytonite
    Quote from neenee2
    most of these links are no longer available...does anyone have some that are?
    neenee2. . .you are not going to find many free care plans on the internet. it is plagiarism to copy them--and it is my guess that is probably why most of them were removed from the internet. any care plans that are posted on the internet are there for inspection, not to be copied. a care plan for a patient should always be a customized work--in other words, developed specifically for that patient.

    these are websites that have care plans, or partial care plans that you can look at. please do not copy and use that information. do your own work or ask for help and i will assist you with constructing and writing a care plan. i do this all the time on the forums:
  10. by   Soon2BNurse3
    I like to look at parts of a care plan to see if I'm missing something or to add some interventions that I haven't thought of.....never to plagiarize!!! I think that's why alot of us wanna see examples...

    Thanks again Daytonite!!! You're always so helpful!!!
  11. by   Neenee2
    Thanks everyone. Our professor goes over every care plan and reference page to make sure that we never plagerizie. I was mostly looking for ideas, so I could then find information in our text book to use as rationale as well. We are only allowed to use our textbooks, but of course they are fairly limited since we must do 3 different care plans and diagnoses for the 12 weeks that we are in clinics. I am usually exhausted and not very creative at 1:00 a.m. and if I can look at samples of others it gets my brain functioning again. As much as I moan (and do not get much sleep before clinical day) I have learned an incredible amount from doing care plans! And then of course realize, how very little I know as well! Have a wonderful day and thanks again!
  12. by   TWilsonRN
    Here's a link to a newer site with a bunch of Free Care plan examples. It looks like someone in nursing school is posting there homework here on a regular basis:
  13. by   13sophie
    here are a few care plans i used for school.
  14. by   13sophie
    Everyone has such great insite, and all of these websites and sources have helped me so much. I just turned in my first care plan finally. Here are some of the sites I used to help me including a list of the books I own. these are both two examples of care plans, one that I did and one that my teacher gave us for an example.. everyone should own one of these books. I own the second one its just perfect! ( has great tips on creating a nursing care plan.)