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nurses all over the globe.. can you guys help me on my thesis??? it's a requirement for me to graduate nursing course... can you pls suggest me a topic or title that is unique and simple....?? please... i need your help... please... Read More

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    Quote from gus2ngmagingnars
    i'm on my first part of the research.... my title defense is scheduled on first week of december.... cosmetic surgery is really my choice.... my 2nd choice is coping mechanism of nursing students.... can u help me simplify specify it...
    Okay, I see,
    Pure survey. You want it on cosmetic surgery, got it.

    Now, what about it?

    1-patient pre-surgery views?
    2-nurse's views?
    3-community views?
    4-patient post surgery satisfaction?

    We need more than just "cosmetic surgery". What is it about cosmetic surgery you are interested in.

    You really need to give more complete thoughts so that we can follow you.
    Thank you,
    Good luck,

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  2. 0 from the philippines also, what's your school? y'know, my title defense (even if i still dont have a title) will be on december also......good luck to both of us!
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    So you need a quantitative research survey about nursing student's coping mechanisms.. with what?

    It would be very easy to do something like:
    - "The effect of 10 minutes' daily meditation on nursing student self-perceived stress"

    - "The lived experience of nursing school: nursing student's self-reported coping strategies"

    Etc etc

    Then you would just need to write up a survey to collect the data about how people cope etc.

    You need to start with a clear plan of what you are trying to show in your final paper, and then make your questions worded so that you get answers you can use.
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    Quote from gus2ngmagingnars
    thanks gennaver... u are really a big help... you may think that i know nothing... i just want to tell you that i really not feeling well for one week because of stress... i'm from philippines and the strategy of teaching here in nursing is somekind inhuman... they keep on stressing the students to the point that we almost not sleeping just to cope up... that's why i can't focus....

    go back to research... the research should be quantitative and basic research... i keep on thinking on how to make my research to become simple and specific....

    hey you know what im about to say is off topic but it must be said. I dont think its right for you to state that the strategy of nursing here in the Philippines is inhuman. For one, the teaching strategies of each professor in each university is different. There are SO many nursing schools so how can u say a statement that implies to the totality of nursing here? It's like your saying that the education here isnt at par with other countries. And take note there are SOME foreigners studying nursing here AND Filipino nurses are recommended at some countries.

    I know its hard, I mean come on I'm a nursing student too. All it takes is proper time management for you to handle stressors like that. You're not the only one who is handling something like that. EVERY NURSING STUDENT IN THIRD AND FOURTH YEAR IS GOING THROUGH THAT.

    And lastly, what the heck have you been doing in Introduction to Nursing Research?! That course is supposed to have given you an idea of what you'll be handling when you're doing your thesis. If i'm not mistaken, by the end of the semester you would've passed AND defended your proposal which is like HALF of what your thesis is composed of. Shouldn't you already have a topic by then? One that has been approved by your Research professor?
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    Im also in research now. our topic is "What are the coping mechanisms of 2nd nursing student on their clinical exposure? you can email me at

    We use the Theoritical framework of callista roy adaptation model.

    good luck
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    Quote from chi5568

    Im also in research now. our topic is "What are the coping mechanisms of 2nd nursing student on their clinical exposure? you can email me at

    We use the Theoritical framework of callista roy adaptation model.

    good luck

    If you were hoping to connect with the students who posted earlier, this thread is more than three years old. Their assignments were due in December of '06.


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