Can anyone think of a good nclex question

  1. I have a project due and one of the requirements is make up two higher level nclex style questions. I have the cranial nerves I and II, sight and smell. I have looked through two books that I have and can't find one that is a higher style question. Does anyone have one that would be really good? Also the material has to be presented in a fun way so the rest of the class will remember them. I want to do scratch and sniff stickers for the smell one and was thinking of doing the blind spot test for the optic nerve. I'm trying to decide if optical illusions would also fit in here, what do you think? Thanks
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  3. by   ImKosher
    How about a a scratch and sniff of stool with and without blood? I think that's pretty high in nursing knowledge. Hahaha.
  4. by   Kaysmom8
    not sure my instructor wants that on her desk on presentation day early in the morning... Good idea though
  5. by   truckinusa
    Can it be a psych quesition about sight or smell hallucinations?
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Why do patients often complain that hospital food tastes bad? (hint: what do a lot of patients get in the hospital that can affect smell and taste? SATA: ...... cuz there are several)

    How about the classic demo that has people have their noses pinched tightly and take a bite of both apple and onion? You can't tell the difference if you can't smell them.

    A question on homonymous hemianopsia isn't strictly speaking the optic nerve, but it does involve sight and it's a cool thing. What is happening when the blind spot begins to enlarge over a few minutes to hours? What would be your response to that (SATA)?

    Hmmm... When people have skull fractures of a certain kind, they can lose their ability to taste food. What's that all about? Classic presentation after skull fracture, look it up. You could make a cool question about that.