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Best Care Plan Books

  1. 0 Please help!! I am a nursing student and I am constructing care plans weekly. I thought that I had understanding of these things, but I still always have trouble with the outcome criteria. Is there a book that helps you construct the perfect care plan??? Please send me some info as soon as possible. Thanks.
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    I found this one to be most helpful:

    If you have a B&N near you, they should have a nursing books section so you can check out many different books to look at.

    This book made my careplans great. I hated writing them during school, of course, but this made it a much smoother process. My program suggested the Ackley and Ladwig book, which I thought was absolutely awful.
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    Hi, I am looking for the same thing. If you go to the "Student's" section on Allnurses, you will find many threads about nursing care plan books. I found many links on there. You can also search, Ebay and find many books you can purchase. You need to look at the publishing year (1998 vs 2007) and make sure you get one that is updated. I think I am set on the Lippincott "Nursing Care Plans Made Incredibly Easy". I found a used one that is actually a new one used by a nursing student on Amazon that I think I am going to buy. Care Plans are a lot of work and my instructor says that we are going to do them until we do them right so I'm right there with ya. Good luck, Beth:typing
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    Did me much justice. Easy, reader friendly, and got As for all of my care plans. Good luck!
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    Good luck to you in the nursing program! Thanks for the response.