ATI Pharmacology Anyone?

  1. 0 Anyone who has taken it recently? Anyone taking it soon? I take it next week...Anyone have any study advice? I've done Practice A and will do B plus all the Pharm modules, but man Practice A was hard!!! I always pass the ATI proctored tests, but a bit worried about this one!
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    I am taking it in a few weeks. Hopefully someone will have some good advice for us!
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    It was a while ago but I remember getting questions similar to those in the pharmacology success book by Davis. Know which drugs are nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic, what labs to look at in this case, adverse effects of antibiotics(which causes ototoxicity, for example), know your diuretics and your neuro meds. know the foods to avoid with certain meds, like grapefruit, tyramine, etc. administration is important like for example, what time should you administer statins, steroids, levothyroxine, etc. lots of questions about teaching about iron supplements. Know your psych meds and EPS... Good luck
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    Thanks! That helped a lot!
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    Thanks Esme! That should be very helpful!

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