~Arizona ~ Starting Block 3 at PC in January what should I study right now?

  1. I am starting Block 3 at PC in Arizona in January and they haven't given us a syllabus yet.
    I would like to know what the content was in Block 3 at any Maricopa county community college. (Arizona)

    I have a month to do....nothing and I don't want to get out of the habit of studying.

    Soooo what should I study between now and then to help me get ready for Block 3?

    And don't tell me "they are all different" or "ask your instructor" thanks

    Anything is better than nothing.
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  3. by   Mithrah
    I think the best thing you can do is go to the school library and borrow NCLEX review books. Read as many questions and answers as you can. Practice practice practice. You'll learn block 3 stuff when you get there, but ultimately you want to pass the NCLEX and I always recommend those books.
  4. by   DogCrazy
    I am starting Block III at PVCC. I've gotten some stuff from my instructor. We're doing a psych rotation, a community health rotation and medsurg. Pharm includes I.V., just more of what we've already done and getting more advanced (central lines, etc.)
    For process it's a few weeks of psych, then back to the systems (renal, GI, GU and so on)

    Good luck
  5. by   PEBBLES1
    Give your mind and body time to rest. You are on break for a reason. I always wanted to study on break also, but one of my instructors gave me the best advice. And that is take a break, you will have plenty of time to study once school start back. Also, you don't want to burn yourself out, because as you know, nursing school is very stressful. Take it from me, I just graduated from school 2 weeks ago and I am so tired and burned out, that I can't even bring myself to start preparing for the boards. So please take a break from studying