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I am a nursing student and I'm about to go on my first placement. I was wondering what watch I should wear. I was concerned that wrist watches pose possible infection risks, also worried about it... Read More

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    I have mostly used a fob watch with no problems. I have on occassions worn a wrist watch and have never caught anyones skin but usually if I am about to do anything to them that puts them at risk I take my watch off and put it in my pocket for the timebeing...

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    We're only allowed to use lanyards if they are break-away ones. Too many confused pt's to pull on them, or things to catch them on.

    My watch has been a GREAT ice-breaker. It's a Red Sox watch, and even today while taking my pt's vitals (a 30-something pt with a 30-something roommate), he commented "Hey XXX, she's got a Red Sox watch!", and we had a lot of good talk about the Sox and the upcoming game tonight.
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    I Think It Depends On The Individual; I Am Allergic To Most Of The Wrist Bands Except Sterling Silver.
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    Me personally, i hate lanyard anything!! Bending over in front a patient and its falling all over them and everywhere else.
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    The best kind of watch to wear is the Fob watch that is worn on the chest. Anything worn on the wrist can harbor pathogens, especially if it is not cleaned between patients. I never see nurses cleaning their watches during patient care. Because the watch is so close to the hand, it has the potential for cross-contamination.
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    Fob watch! Less contamination potential and does not hinder hand hygiene.
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    Here is a great watch I found on the 'net'. It works great. thebracketwatch.com

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