Work bag, suggestions?

  1. Hey All,
    I am looking for a great bag to carry back and forth to work. I am having trouble making up my mind about what I want so I thought I would see what everyone else likes.
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moving this to the Nursing Gear forum.
  4. by   SeebachRN
    I love my Nursemates Ultimate Nursing Bag!!! I have it in several different colors and patterns. I change it out if I have a bad mess, or a spill and need to clean one. I also change them based of season. I have a really pretty beachy one that is multi-colored.

    It has ton's of pockets, and dividers, different zippered pouches, and has enough room to carry EVERYTHING I could possibly think of carrying. They are reasonable I get them for $30 - $40 depending on store. I can get them locally or buy them online as well. Best part, it has room for extra scrubs, lunch, shoes, files, BP Cuff, Steth, and everything else but if it gets nasty or a spill happens you can just throw it in the washer and let it air dry!!!
  5. by   choc0late
    I 2nd that bag! I have the breast cancer edition one in light pink with the ribbons on it. I love that bag! Hold everything and then some!
  6. by   catlvr
    I have a Lesportsac Everygirl shopper; just love that bag (I also have the Everygirl Deluxe in the same print for overnight trips). Lesportsac bags are a bit pricy, but they last forever and look fantastic. I bought a bright flower print that has all the colors of my scrub tops (boring me wears black pants and a one color top everyday to make getting dressed easy), so it looks nice if I have to run any errands before work. The bag doesn't have too many pockets, so you won't go forgetting things as you transfer them to your scrub pockets. Plenty of room for a clipboard, scope, PDA, water bottle, and personal stuff.

  7. by   kids
    I just carry a regular old Jansport backpack for shift work. They come in a lot of colors, have plenty of pockets and last forever- my 25yo college student son is still carrying the one he got to start 7th grade.

    For home health I carry this one:|5673&id=18456