Wondering what nursing school gear i should get

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    I'm starting nursing school on March 14th at Lake Tech & i need some tips on what to buy that will help me throughout nursing school.

    1. What type of stethoscope should i get?
    2. What school supplies do i need?
    3. What are the best uniforms? --I live in FL

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    My school had a list and specific uniforms we had to order from them.

    I needed bandage scissors, a penlight, and my favorite stethoscope is the littman classic II.
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    For a stethoscope, the Littmann Classic SE II is great for students. That's what I used throughout nursing school and then after I graduated I upgraded to the Littmann Cardiology III, but I still have my Classic II as a back-up. Works great. I personally wouldn't settle for anything less (like the Littmann Lightweight or the Littmann Classic) because the acoustics with the Classic II are better. I think it's also better to splurge on a nicer stethoscope instead of just settling for whatever is the cheapest. Chances are you'll be replacing that "cheap" stethoscope more than once.

    If you decide to purchase a Littmann, get an ID tag or engrave it. And don't leave it lying around, they tend to "walk" away!

    For nursing school supplies:
    * bandage scissors
    * lots of black clicky pens because you are only supposed to document in black pen and you do not have to worry about the caps
    * penlight
    * storage clipboard...you can purchase them at Walmart for around $10. It's a clipboard that opens up so you can store papers and other things inside. Some have calculators on the them, too, which can be handy.
    * RNotes pocket guide (I think it's around $25)
    * Highlighters, folders, binders....I remember some of my classes issued a pre-bound book of notes while others issued notes that were loose, so they had to be placed in a folder or a binder.

    Don't spend money on a blood pressure cuff unless your school requires it.

    As for uniforms, usually they are offered through the school. We were required to wear these God-awful navy blue polos with a patch on the sleeve, but we were also allowed to wear scrub jackets. I bought the polos and our lab coat through the uniform company and I went to a scrub store to buy navy blue scrub pants and scrub jackets. I had two sets of uniforms, we only had clinical once/week.
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    Thanks soo much!! Did you guys get special shoes??
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    I went ahead and spent a little extra money and bought the [COLOR=#000000]Littmann Classic SE II (many nursing friends said it's what they used in school and some still have theirs), I've been wondering about shoes though and which ones will be most comfortable, as far as I know they will tell us about scrubs on the first day of class. I just wish they would have had something like an orientation before the first day to give us an idea of what to expect! [/COLOR]
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    Quote from Stephanie143
    Thanks soo much!! Did you guys get special shoes??
    Shoes in my program just had to be all-white markings with a closed toe or heel. Didn't matter on the brand. They could be special "nursing shoes" or just some all-white sneakers. I ended up buying a pair of Nurse Mates (this style) - which ended up being the most uncomfortable pair of shoes ever. I eventually went with a pair of Alegria shoes, long after nursing school lol. Those are the most comfortable shoes ever.

    I suggest getting some support socks, too.
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    Quote from Stephanie143
    Thanks soo much!! Did you guys get special shoes??
    i have a lot of foot, calf, and lower back pain, so i got some z-coils. best investment for my feet EVER
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    Quote from jennyshambles76

    i have a lot of foot, calf, and lower back pain, so i got some z-coils. best investment for my feet EVER
    What are z-coils? I have the same types of pain.

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