White Toe Syndrome

  1. Has anyone experienced what I call "white toe syndrome"? When I get home from a 13 or 14 hour shift, the ends of my toes are hospital white. They pink up the next day, but now one of them is numb. I have tried larger shoes, but I tend to trip over them. Is there anything else I can do besides wear clown shoes?
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  3. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    sounds like your shoes are too tight in the toe box and are getting squeezed all day... maybe try finding shoes with a little bigger toe box, rather than just a larger size?
  4. by   CT Pixie
    a wider shoe might be better than a longer one.

    I have had it happen to my little toes. Although they don't stay white for the amount of time you are describing. I noticed that the seam of my sock would move and rest across the little toe. I'd find that "white toe" look would only happen when the seam shifted to across my little toe.
  5. by   NGeorgia
    Have you tried crocs? They have a wide toe box
  6. by   NurseHotFlash
    I have an old pair of crocs "professionals" which are the only pair that don't give me the dreaded "white toe syndrome." I bought some new crocks, but alas, the new ones do give me "white toe". I guess they don't make them like they used to. Crocks are really ugly, but vanity has no place on a med/surge floor!!
  7. by   Indy
    I have this but it's mostly in the winter. I have to either soak my feet in warm water or take a hot bath to get 'em to be normal.