Which scrubs shrink? Grey's anatomy/Cherokee/etc. ?

  1. I'm between sizes in both Grey's anatomy and Cherokee core stretch workwear and I don't know if I should go up a size or down a size. With Grey's, I fit into an XS but if it shrinks in the dryer, it might be a bit too snug. I'm also looking to get some Butter Soft scrubs (from Uniform Advantage).

    In your experience, have your Grey's, Cherokee, or Butter soft scrubs shrunk at all?

    Or...what other brands of scrubs have shrunk on you?
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  3. by   mom2kidzz
    I have a pair of Cherokee Core Stretch scrubs and I love them! Super soft & just the right amount of stretch. They are a bit snug right out of the dryer but they stretch a lot by the end of a shift. I probably should've gone a size down in the pants.
  4. by   itsnowornever
    A bit late, but Greys shrink bad! I am one of those "large bust" girls and lets say, no one complains when I wear those tops. I try not to wear them though because I have to wiggle and dance to get them off!
  5. by   wish_me_luck
    I like Grey's a lot, but I like NRG better. I think it is by the same people, just different line. Mine didn't really shrink and they are soft, comfortable, and form fitting (not in a bad way, just not wearing a "trash bag" top). I loved my NRG scrubs in nursing school. Definitely will be looking out for them when I get my first nursing job.
  6. by   1maryjune
    Almost anything of 100% cotton or a high percentage of cotton will shrink. I don't recommend rayon for anything, not even as part of a blend, it won't hold it's shape. Anything with spandex will shrink if dried in the dryer but it will stretch out with wear. Drying clothes with spandex is not recommed as it cause it to wear out quickly.