Where/Who do you turn to for advice when buying scrubs? Where/Who do you turn to for advice when buying scrubs? | allnurses

Where/Who do you turn to for advice when buying scrubs?

  1. 0 I will be a new nursing student very soon and I was wondering where Nurses go to seek advice on where to buy their scrubs? Do you chat with fellow nurses, read blogs, magazines, etc.? Do you end up wearing the same brand the school provided to you? Or go to stores? Online?
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    If you order online, you will not have the advantage of trying it on prior to purchase. I attempted once to order online.. even used the measurement chart they provided and the top was way too big. If i see a co-worker with some really cute scrubs, i always ask where they got them. They may shop at a store I have never heard of.
    There are so many variations in scrubs that really the ones you buy are going to be a personal choice. I particularly like the low rise flair pants that I find at my local wal - mart ( I know!!! Really!! lol). they are not the best quality and none of my coworkers like them but for me, they are great. I think you should def just start looking at stores and trying on different brands, styles, etc ... see what you like.
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    I ask coworkers. I prefer to be slightly different though.
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    Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it!
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    In time you will probably develop some pretty specific preferences based on your personal work habits & environment. You'll know what fabrics work for you, where you prefer pockets, whether or not you tend to wear layers, etc. Lots of great catalogs out there, with a much larger selection than what you typically see at Life Uniform or other chain retailers.
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    I love the unique options on Etsy. However, most of the scrub tops there are made for generally smaller body types. I'm pretty tall and have a hard time finding tops with a long enough torso.

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