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I am starting my first CNA position in a week and just wondered what type of shoes seasoned CNA's have used, or do use? I bought Reebok sneakers for training, but wasn't on my feet for 8 hours at a time, so I don't know how they... Read More

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    SAS shoes .. this stuff is industrial made for people who work in jobs that stand all day and move around. Nonskid, leather, have vents, lotsa support and shock absorbers. Colors: black or white, 2 styles. And the only shoe i have ever gotten which you can start wearing em immediately out of the box its expensive but worth it. (almost $99) I wore em as student nurse to clinicals and such well after semester 2 people started noticing that I had super comfy shoes and by graduation you bet people caught on. Feet is like your most vaulable assest whole body rests on them so scrimp and save everywhere else but get good quality shoes.
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    I wear the Reebok ZigTech for good traction. And I always keep extra dry socks in my bag, in case I get sprayed with water by a resident during a shower! We had to wear white shoes in clinical, and I had no money at the time so I was stuck with these random Skechers. AWFUL. The traction wore out in a week, so I was slipping and sliding everywhere. And they had no support. What can I say? They were on sale for a reason!
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    Remember those workout shoes with the strange hump in the middle? I wear those. I don't get a workout from wearing them, but I have high arches and find that they give a lot more more support than any other shoe. I just wear the generic brand from Walmart.
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    I work 12 hour shifts in med/surg as a CNA and I wear sanita clogs, they are expensive but amazing!
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    I have four pairs of Klogs, which are similar to Danskos but have a much softer inside. They also come in some really fun patterns. I have a silver snakeskin pair, a purple glitter pair, a leopard pair and a black pair with a rainbow shine to them. They are extremely comfortable and I get lots of compliments. The only complaint I have is that they are VERY hard to run in. I also have a pair of Asic tennis shoes that I like if I know I'm going to do a lot of extra running around that day.
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    I think that no matter what kind of shoes you wear to work by the end of your shift your dogs will be a'barkin! I just bought myself a nice pair of Dr. Scholl's tennis shoes with arch support with these foamy gel-like things in the heel parts that feel sooo much better than what I was previously wearing to work! But, even so; barking dogs at the end! Oh and I got my new work shoes at one of our local Walmart's for $20.
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    I wear Crocs and Birkenstocks. I cannot wear shoes. My feet are claustrophibic. (:
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    Hey, I am not sure what you mean by 'barking' but at the end of a 12 hour shift my feet don't hurt at all. Nope, not my knees, my back nothing.
    Crocs are the best.

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