What bag would you recommend?

  1. I'm starting nursing school and I wanted to get some advice on which backpack would be best. Ones with or without wheels. I was interested in the zuca bag, but would prefer some feedback about someone who has used it. Any advice helps! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   GitanoRN
    First of all, Congratulations for pursuing your goal. Nowadays there are so many backpacks to choose from therefore, here's a link of some of the backpacks that I have seeing our nursing students with, during their clinical... Aloha~

  4. by   FurBabyMom
    Congratulations on setting out to pursue your goal! It takes a lot of work and dedication but you can do it!

    Me personally? I would not want to have a bag with wheels on it. It might be useful for school hours (classes, studying at school etc) but I would not want a wheeled backpack for clinicals. I'm very particular - my work shoes do not come in my house. So, that rules out a backpack that rolls on the same floor as work shoes would. But that is just me. I'm particular like that I generally used a large tote bag (canvas/Vera Bradley, something of the like) for school and clinicals. Whether you go with a bag with wheels or not I would suggest getting something as sturdy as possibly - those books and binders and tons of notes can beat a bag up. So either make the investment for something of good quality or plan to buy several lower quality bags over the course of time. Hope this helps some
  5. by   UofTexas
    I like any from LLBean....they are great quality and last forever
  6. by   touchick156
    I'm planning on having a regular like tote bag for my clinicals, but I'm in search for one for daily use. Im going to have a lot of books and am looking for a bag that will withstand all that weight and use.
  7. by   aachavez
    I'm using a medium tote bag for clinicals, I don't need to take much with me there. For class I got a laptop bag that would fit a book, binder and my laptop and it was great for pre-reqs, but now I'm finding that I'm carrying more and more, and wish I had a rolling bag. My classmates are one by one getting rolling bags becuase there is so much to carry. Thirty-one gifts has a great utility tote with lots of pockets for organization that I might get.
  8. by   airwayguru
    Maxpedition has some great bags that are great for nursing school. They are able to carry alot. I would also go REI or some type of camping store and get a basic day hiking pack.