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Wash scrubs with regular laundry?

  1. 0 Does anyone wash their dirty scrubs with their regular load of laundry? I know the soap is self-cleaning, but it seems kind of weird to wash the bacteria out of your scrubs, let them float in the laundry water, and be exposed to the rest of your clothes!

    Or do you always wash your scrubs as a separate load? I work part-time and only have 2 sets of scrubs and washing those four pieces of clothing separate is starting to get tiring.
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    I always wash mine as a separate load anyway.
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    Def, wash in sep load!
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    If my scrubs are white, they go in with the whites. If my scrubs are colored, they go in with the colors. I don't separate because my utility bill is high enough already. I feel like my regular clothes are more of a risk than my scrubs b/c, for the most part, in the hospital you already have an idea of what you're encountering. Who knows what that random guy at Wal-Mart is carrying around with him?
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    I always wash my scrubs separately, always have and probably you will see me doing it when I'm 75 and still truckin'.
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    Yep. To be perfectly honest, I'm really lazy when it comes to laundry - I just throw everything in together...scrubs, regular clothes, towels, whatever (I don't really wear white, so it's not much of an issue, colorwise). I might use oxyclean or colorsafe bleach if something in a load is particularly gross.

    I live alone so I only have two loads of laundry a week...I can't justify doing more separate loads when the soap and hot water are going to get rid of anything on them, anyway. Bad for my utility bill and bad for the environment. I've never had any issue from doing so.
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    I always have and probably always will...........I have way too much laundry in the first place and am not willing to another load!
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    After I have worn a pair of scrubs I put them in a separate laundry bag. I wash them in a different load than the regular load.

    Also, I add a little ammonia to my wash to remove acid stains and make my laundry fresh and sweet smelling.
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    Yes, I wash them with the regular laundry.

    However I do separate out my dh's work clothes as they are covered in oil, kerosene, grease, etc.

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    Im sure its not bad to wash them with your other clothes. I have never heard of someone getting sick from how they wash scrubs. do what saves money.
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    I wash my scrubs with my kids' clothes because I figure it builds their immunity. I think its better and more efficient than vaccinations. So far so good! Nah, just joking around a bit, my scrubs just get thrown in with whatever works.
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    I have to wash them separately. I have to wear white and I have well water so I have to wash them in Iron out, Ah, country livin. gotta love it. does anyone know how to get the yellow deoderant stains out of scrubs. I can't get them out and yuck. its so gross. I just bought new ones but I don't want it to keep happening.
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    Being a paramedic and nursing student..I wash those items seperately! I just know I come in contact with gross stuff and refuse to wash them with my street clothes.
    BTW, I am currently living with my parents, and I cracked up when my mom did my laundry and knew to keep the scrubs and paramedic unforms seperate I guess they do pay attention!