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To buy a Stethoscope in New York

  1. 0 Hello and good evening!

    Im on my way to New York in a couple of months and i was wondering if anyone have any advice of good medical stores to buy a stethoscope in?

    Im not from the USA (i hope you can read my poor english) and the price is 50% compared to my countrys prices for stethoscopes.

    So any advice of good shops in New york would be more then welcome!

    Im also intrested in what you think is a good stethoscope for a nurse at a Emergency ward (thats me).

    Thank you!
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    noone from the 8 million New York City?

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    I would suggest online - make sure it's from a company you can trust, searchy thoroughly for the best price for the item you want and be sure to check the shipping cost
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    Maybe try posting on the NY forum. I just moved to New York and don't know of any places as of yet, but if I hear of a good one I'll let you know. Good luck!
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    Start searching the City please! ;-)

    Whats a good online stor to shop from? I have the possiblity to order to an american adress where i can pick it up at my arrival.
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    The online store where I have gotten most of my stuff has been from They seem to have a really good selection of products and at good prices. The stethoscope that I have is a Littman Master Classic II and I'm really happy with it, but I don't have any experience working in an ER to test it out there, though it seems to block out a lot of outside noise. I'll keep you posted if I hear of any good stores in the city.
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    Where will you be in in NY? Manhattan, Brooklyn, upstate, Westchester, Long Island???
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    I will mostly be at Manhattan but will be sleeping in Hoboken.
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    Barnes & Noble on 19th and Briadway has stethescopes but getting them online is much cheaper.
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    is a couple $ cheaper than
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    Do check shipping costs when buying online - some stores () will even ship for free for a first order!

    Do also consider the alternatives to Littmann - Trimline's (DRG) PureTone, Riester's cardiophon and the MDF range are among the best.

    Look also for GELseal eartips and SafeSEAL Soft Stethoscope Diaphragms with antimicrobial treatment.
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    Once again, check shipping charges

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