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  1. 0 i'm currently doing my final clinical rotations (8-hour-shifts) and by the end of the day my feet/legs are sore and achy. plus i'm prone to spider veins ):
    so my q's are do support socks/stockings really work? which is better, knee-high or thigh-high? any particular brand that you would recommend (and where could i get them)?

    thanks (:
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    They definitely work. I wear knee-high support stockings and I notice the difference. My legs don't feel tired after 8 hours. Nurse mates brand makes alot of different ones. I buy them at a uniform store or online from uniform catalogs.
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    I wear full panty hose, No Nonsense brand. I have since I graduated. Sometimes my feet hurt if it's been a really busy day, but my legs never have.
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    The knee highs have made a tremendous difference! They completely eliminated sore feet & ankle swelling. Found mine at the drugstore (CVS and Walgreens), think they are being sold as TEDS. Only problem is that they only come in white.
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    I get knee highs at the uniform store. I've got a whole array of colours. My legs feel amazing at the end of the day. I think mine cost like $8/pair but they never run or snag, and they wash just fine in the gentle cycle or handwash.

    I give them a two thumbs up.
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    I wear them, and I never have tired feet. LOVE it. I ordered knee-high compression stockings from There's lots of different colors.(
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    it's nice to know that they work (: i'm definitely getting myself support stockings (:
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    Try Juzo, Medi, or Jobst...
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    Question - do you wear regular socks over them, or are they thick enough that your feet won't hurt? I've always worked on my feet, and now I'm in nursing school, so I'm not about to stop anytime soon. My feet are always sore, and I really don't want varicose veins before I'm 40! Thanks!
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    If I am working a 16 hour double shift, I wear knee-high TED hose to work under my uniform. The TED hose really help my lower extremities out in terms of providing the much-needed support. I wear a thin pair of socks over the TED hose, because my work shoes will slip and slide all over the place with only the thin pair of stockings alone.
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    I don't personally wear them, but my father-in-law does due to his diabetes and it's effect on his legs and feet. He wears compression hose was well and puts the support socks over those to cushion his heels and the bottom of his feet.

    If you want to learn a little more about support socks you can read some information that I have gathered on While my site is specifically about how support socks aid diabetics, I also offer information and advice about support socks in general for athletes and anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time.