Stretched ears, hospital dress codes, and professionalism

  1. Nowadays, it is acceptable (in some, but not all hospitals) to have visible tattoos and even some piercings.

    My question is regarding stretched ears. If the holes are small (4g-6g) and simple, plain-colored plugs are worn, will having stretched ears be an issue? Most hospitals address piercings in their dress code by stating that simple studs in the lobes can be worn. Would this include small, conservative plugs?
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  3. by   pomegranate
    I had small stretched ears (6g, 4g) in nursing school, when it was expressly forbidden and our clinicals manager used to talk about how disgusting they were all the time and look at everyone's ears really closely (as close as she could be without being in your space) She was the only one who noticed the whole time and she asked "Are those gauges?" and (since they're not called gauges...) I blithely replied "No" and she said "Oh, ok then" and went on. I think as long as they are conservative like colorfronts 99.5% of people won't notice.
  4. by   juliaann
    I have 2g lobes and wear/wore Pyrex colorfronts throughout nursing school and now at work. No one in school noticed, and only my preceptor at work knows, because one day I forgot to take my earskins out and put in a pair of colorfronts until she mentioned it. I switched them out and either no one else noticed or they just didn't comment. It hasn't been a problem for me. I don't plan to stretch any further.
  5. by   Indy
    I think the smaller ... holes? gauges? ... things are just fine. I am sure after working with someone long enough to know them, and of course to get busy doing work, I would cease to notice even larger holes. But the patients, and the managers, who don't see us all the time or work with us, or have so much to do that they don't care what people look like, would notice right off. Whenever people comment on my wrist tattoo I just say thank you, but then I think they probably need something else to do with their time.
  6. by   psu_213
    I have no idea how big of a 'hole' 4g-6g is and I don't really know how "natural" the plus appear. Personally, I would not have an issue with it. However, I have no idea how a HR rep, NM, etc. would view them. My guess is some would be fine with it, others would find it a problem. I suppose my advise would be to wear the conservative plugs, don't draw attention to them, and hope for the best...