Scrubs Make Me Crazy (long rant) - page 4

Iím 24. Iím 5í5Ē Ė 44-35-44. No shrinking violet, but not a bruiser, either. I live in skinny jeans and fitted tops and I like looking remotely ďfemaleĒ when I step out of the house. Normally Iím pretty laid back. ... Read More

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    I agree! I'm 5'6" and 130 lbs. I am NOT well endowed. Sadly I bought some tops I thought would be stylish but the cut has patients and random people at the gas station and grocery store asking me when I am due. Grrrr!

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    Quote from cgravier
    interesting thread. You really should 1. do more cardio and 2. learn how to tailor.

    Im a dude and I can work a sewing machine, its really not that hard. Im short and skinny (5'5" 130lbs 28"waist) so finding clothes that fit me has always been a problem (I often buy clothes from Japan or England because thier M is a US S (A US Small is a Japanese Large))

    What I hate about scrubs are the cutesy patterns of cuddly bears or flower pots, or yellow snails...really?

    anyway, find a good seamstress/tailor and they will be your best freind. Seriously you will end up naming your first child after them.
    Wow, someone could just as easily tell you to eat a sandwich...but they're probably not that rude
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    "Urbane. Also a heart-breaker, this one. They get the closest to Ďmoderní fit of all brands Iíve tried thus far. Unfortunately, theyíre clearly designed by non-medical professionals and thus have no pockets. My heart breaks when I find awesome-fitting Urbane pants with NO POCKETS ANYWHERE. Itís like a magic trick Ė guess where all the pockets have gone? And the catch is that they never existed in the first place. Sob."

    I had the same sentiments about urbane pants today!! What in the heck am I going to put my damn flushes? Pockets are important!! Then I realized that perhaps unit clerks, medical assistants, etc may not have a need for too many (pant) pockets. my tid bit.

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