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What steth do you have? I am starting the program in August and am going to keep my eyes peeled for online deals for stethoscope. I hear of Littmann, of course, but there is just so many different kinds! What do you recommend... Read More

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    Thanks so much ladies!!!! You've all given me great suggestions, I'll look into those!

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    Littman Classic. I had mine for 30 years and I worked from Med/Surg to Cardiac. Always go for the best.
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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    Students don't need anything other than a $12 sprague. You don't even know what you are listening for, lol. Let somone buy you a good model when you graduate.
    I agree, not b/c of the "not knowing what you're listening for" part lol but if your school is anything like mines..your stethoscope might grow legs & walk away if you know what I mean. Don't drop $200 on a stethoscope while in school! I paid like $30 for my stethoscope when I started my CNA program. It got me through school just fine & if I had lost it, I wouldn't have cried since it wasn't terribly expensive. Just something to consider.
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    I have 2 stethoscopes. One I got during EMT school that has lasted me 9 years. The second was what we were issued for nursing school. Both are Littman Classic 2 SEs. I didn't need a new one, but hey it's an awesome piece of equipment that lets you hear what you need to and will last a really really long time.
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    try littman or baxtel.. i prefer the latter though
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    I sprung for Littman Cardiology III! Love it and got it engraved for free!

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    I vote for the Littman Select (what I had) or Lightweight. it's a very good scope at a decent price ($50 or so). It'll survive the wear and tear of nursing school. If you want to spring for a bit more, then get the Classic--it's a great scope.

    When you graduate, then you can treat yourself--or be treated--to a higher-end scope...and at that point, when you engrave it, you can add RN or LVN after your name
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    I'm not a big fan of buying something for school then having to rebuy a better one later. I admit the stethescope was the thing was looking forward to when I became a student so I got the one I wanted a Cardiology III All Black Edition. I still use it now 4 years later and it still looks brand new.
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    Oh I should also add. Please don't steal stethoscopes from the facilities you do clinical's at like my ex classmate
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    Now, I can't hear anything with the yellow disposable isolation scopes, so I don't use them - I just clean my own. Which, is a littman II, I think. I like it, mostly because it is very light.

    I can hear fantastic with my $11 hot pink sprague, can still hear great with the $8 green one I bought back in 1995. I used them in nursing school and previously for EMS training and had no issues. They are heavy though, and not as comfortable in the ears.

    My mother bought my Littman as a gift for graduating. I like it, but would probably not spend the money myself... I'd just use the sprague. I'd save the cash for my next pair of Sanitas...

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