Plantar Fascitis and shoe choice-MBT vs birkenstocks

  1. Hi all. In the past I have bought the birkenstock shoes that lace up and it helped with my plantar fascitis. I went to our local specialty shoe store today and all they had was sandals and couldn't even show me a catalog of birkenstocks to order a pair of shoes. They have the new MBT shoes that everyone in my area are buying. Thing is: They cost $260 with tax and they are ugly in my opinion. I am very hard on my tennis shoes, buying a pair every 2 months and am concerned that the MBT won't last me long. What I want to know is: Have any of you bought these who have plantar fascitis and did it help? Did they outlast regular tennis shoes?
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  3. by   hawkfdc
    I don't know what MBTs are, but I have PF and so does my cousin (a nurse). He turned me onto Merrills and I use them with a heavy duty insole, it has helped the PF tremendously.
  4. by   FlashGrad
    Actually, I am in your same situation. I just saw a podiatrist and told me not to wear real flat shoes. He said the best thing was a simple pair of cross trainers. I am also getting an orthotic made. I have tried numerous types of inserts, athletic shoes (almost every brand) and birkenstocks, nothing has helped me. New Balance seems to work best for me. He also gave me these plastic heel cups until I get my orthotic.

    I just received a cortisone shot in my heel , it hurt worse than I can even describe! I think it is helping though.

    By the way, what are MBTs?
  5. by   RN1989
    Zcoils feel better than all the birkis that I have. The arch support doesn't wear out like regular athletic shoes either. They are also cheaper than those other ones you are looking at.
  6. by   OrionQuiltsRN
    I developed plantar fasciitis working in a nursing home as a CNA. I saw an orthopedic doc. He prescribed the exercises, a night splint, the frozen water in a bottle trick (to roll on the floor with your foot) and the cortisone injections. His recommendation was Birkenstocks, and an entire page of athletic shoes. I bought the Brooks Addictions. They have helped. I tried the Birkenstocks, but did not care much for them.

    I bought two pair of Z-Coils. These are the best things for getting through a long shift. While wearing them, I do not have ANY pain. The coils suck up all the shock from walking. But putting on another pair of shoes at the end of the shift, the pain is still there. See, it never went away, but with the Z-Coils there was no impact.

    I have been doing the exercises, and using a splint. The ice helps as well. As far as the cortisone injections, the first time I had them done, my family doctor did it. It hurt like hell. When I saw the orthopod, he wanted to do the same injections, and I wanted no part of it. He said it would not hurt at all. He used a spray coolant on my heels which completely numbed the bottom of my feet. He was absolutely correct. I never felt the injections. However, my cortisone wore off within a week.

    The exercises, splints, and ice have helped me to where my pain is about a 2. I am still healing. The Z-Coils let me get through my clinicals. But the best thing I did was go see an orthopedic doc whose specialty is feet. I hope my comments helped and best of luck to you.

    By the way, I am completing my LPN year and will have my license in August. Then it's on to my RN year in September. I can hardly wait!
  7. by   Floridanurse
    MBT are the massai barefoot tribe shoes. Google them and you will get alot of info. Those I know who have them, love them. Supposedly great for back and spine issues. Just haven't heard a whole lot about them for PF.
  8. by   bporter1
    Hi, this is my first posting, but my husband and I benifitted greatly from Barefoot Science insoles. I had PF from stepping backwards into a steep ditch/hole and my husband had it from working all day as a courier delivering packages. We both felt relief within the first two weeks, but were completely symptom free after 3 or 4 months. We won't wear shoes without them now. The website is:

    ...or you can just google "Barefoot Science" and lots of options turn up (likes non-BS sites that will ship them for free).

    The website offers two pair for $70 and they last a while (about six months). Hope you find them worth a try and good luck!
  9. by   Rili
    I just bought a pair of Mephisto Allrounder "Fitness" and i really like them. I have been a faithful Birk wearer for 15 years, but I will never go back. If you wear the clogs or loose slip ons the lack of ankle support will hurt your feet over time.
  10. by   helenthecat
    I too have PF. So bad that I couldn't walk last year. Had to be casted for a few weeks. My podiatrist recommended Dansko's when I was finally able to wear shoes again. I have been wearing them ever since, and have no pain at all when I walk with my shoes on. The only problem is I have to put my shoes on when I get up in middle of night to go to the bathroom! I am afraid some night I am going to wet my pants before I can get my shoes on! I am slowly getting better, and hope to be able to walk short distances soon without my shoes on (inside the house that is. never bare foot outside again!) I too do the exercises, the frozen water in the pop bottle trick, the cotisone shots (thank goodness that is a thing of the past, they hurt!). Try a pair of Danskos. Not everybody likes them, but for me they have been a savior!
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  11. by   marilynmom
    I had really bad PF as well. In fact I've posted about it on this forum before because I was in so much pain, trying to work 12 hour shifts and it was awful and nothing would stop the pain.

    I bought some Danskos and my PF is TOTALLY gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! I am on my feet for 12 hours, 3 days a week and I have NO pain at all in my feet, my back, or my legs. I love them!

    My friend bought some MBTs and I asked her the other day after she had been wearing them for over a week and she said her feet really hurt. So I'm leary about trying them.
  12. by   LGRN
    MBTs really scare me. They have a bottom that is like a rocker. The extreme negative heel can lead to over-stretch injuries over long periods of time. I think they'll go by the way of the earth shoe (negative heel) that caused similar problems a few decades ago. Anybody old enough to remember them?
  13. by   SuesquatchRN has a huge selection of Birks and free one day shipping.