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Alright nurses.... Which brands make the best/ideal scrubs?... Read More

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    My favorite scrubs are NrG scrubs by Barco. They are the same type of material as grey's anatomy and made by the same company. They are super soft and look professional. I have seen a lot of people rant about grey's anatomy scrubs and the NrG scrubs are great and fit me much better. I'm 5'7'' and about 120 lbs and I'm in love with the NrG scrubs, great fit, soft, and have stretch to them.

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    I like the cherokee workwear but the Greys anatomy are really soft too. Great prices at everydayuniforms.com and great service
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    I love the Wink brand! They run about 20 bucks per piece, but the pockets are AMAZING!! I can load them with all my essential tools and they never look bulky! I bought Iguana med as well, but wink is definitely my new favorite! They also wash up nicely, I hang them up to dry and they have yet to fade
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    You are a lucky individual!!
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    I am starting nursing school in 2012 and I've been shopping around looking for scrubs but there are so many brands out there. Could someone please give me some pointers on what to look for? Brands? Fabric? Pockets? Something inexpensive would be wonderful!!! Any websites recommendation?

    -Thanks a bunch!!!
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    Quote from DA314
    I love my Grey's Anatomy brand scrubs. They're so soft and figure flattering! They are by far the softest scrubs I could find.

    ----I felt a little embarassed getting that brand, kinda like a kid wearing a barbie t-shirt or something-------:imbar

    They cost a little more that the other brands, but comfort is worth it! And it is still cheaper than most of the clothes I have to wear in the law office!
    I totally know what you mean, it would be better if they didnt brand the damn things. They are sooo comfy though. Wish they would put more pockets on the pants though
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    Quote from designer-mommy
    Oh wow, sounds like some good candidates for Dad of the Year there! I never thought that men who had sick children in the hospital would be concerned with the nurses' tatas. Men never cease to amaze me
    hey now... as a guy i resent that... wait, what? tatas where? oh sorry i got distracted.. but seriously guys usually don't mean to offend or be creepy so don't judge us all. ...girls can be pretty ruthless too so perhaps if you forgive me for my eyes drifting once and a while i'll forgive you saying i'm a total pig for doing it behind my back.

    on topic... I bought a bunch of Aviators scrubs... they looked really durable and with good pockets... havent got them yet but will let you all know how they work out.
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    I like Cherokee Workwear scrubs, but sometimes they they are rather "stiff" until you wash them several times. I really like the new Cherokee Flexibles tops, and I love how they now come in the color I am required to wear. I also like Dickies scrubs and Landau for scrub jackets.

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