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Alright nurses.... Which brands make the best/ideal scrubs?... Read More

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    the scrubs by HealthPro at Mark's Work Warehouse in Canada Mark's Work Wearhouse :: Clothes that don't compromise on performance or fashion.

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    Quote from ashleyPNstudent
    the scrubs by HealthPro at Mark's Work Warehouse in Canada Mark's Work Wearhouse :: Clothes that don't compromise on performance or fashion.
    all i can find there is unisex scrubs. Landau has mens scrubs. (zipper fly)
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    Anyone know where (or even IF) I can find white women's scrub pants with a liner? I have to wear white pants to a new job... thought I was done with white pants w/ graduation, but I guess not. Would like to find some with a liner in the "seat" region to avoid the obvious problem. Found some thicker dickies that I liked in school, but the fit isn't the greatest for me.
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    Landau is awesome! I've found some good priced tops in the area. Super comfortable.

    Pants...Cherokee....the only xxs I can find! The white ones are fairly heavy too....perfect for my CNA clinical.

    Cherokees are my favorite so far....I hate trying to find pants that actually FIT!
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    I found the xs in iguana med fit like xxs in Cherokee brand - I think Cherokee runs a little bigger than other brands?
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    blue sky scrubs!
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    I looove IguanaMed. They are a bit pricey I think but definitely worth it. The fabric is very comfy and they have lots of pockets and they fit well. My facility requires RNs to wear navy blue and white so I am disappointed I can't really wear all the fun colors out there. I also like Cherokee Fit, Urbane, and Koi.
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    Okay, here's my 100% anecdotal, completely unscientific analysis of scrubs I've worn. Please note that my hospital mandates solid ciel blue for RNs, so availability of cute prints will not be discussed here.

    Dickies Everyday: got these for my student whites, per professor recommendation. Pro: Minimal show-through. Durable. Cheap if purchased online. Con: Way too few pockets. Baggy cuts looked sloppy on my frame (5'4", 125 lb). Fabric remained stiff and slick, never "broke in."

    Cherokee Workwear: 1st set of work scrubs, per recommendation from fellow nurses. Pro: Comfortable. Soft fabric. Cheap anywhere, super-cheap online. Con: Small is awfully baggy on me. Pockets rip out easily. Drawstring waist won't hold a SpectraLink.

    Aviator: 2nd set of work scrubs, per AllNurses.com reviews. Pro: Tons of pockets. Tough as nails. Custom ordering is fast and easy - they'll make you whatever you want. Integral belt can easily hold a SpectraLink, stethoscope clip and probably an O2 tank if you really wanted. Con: Expensive, especially if you custom order. Fabric takes about five washes to break in. Styling is... utilitarian.

    Fashion Seal: Hospital-provided "sterile area" scrubs. Pro: Issued and maintained for free. Been washed about 1500 times and counting, so they're perfectly broken in. "Surgical Green" color associated with OR, L&D and other hotshot specialties. Con: One size fits none, especially if you're the poor soul stuck with the last pair in the dispenser system, invariably XXXL. Occasionally you'll get a pair worn through to transparency. No pockets. Ugly prominent "Property Of (name) Hospital" stamps over chest and knees.

    As of now, my everyday work scrubs are the Aviators, and I'm quite happy with them - they're durable, comfortable once broken in, and hold all my stuff with room to spare.
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    I buy natural scrubs sets for $12/set. They are comfy, fit well, launder well, and practical.
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    Here is what I have concluded in my scrub quest.
    I am a petite (5'2) and weight is around 120. I am shapely with large thighs and butt. I also am narrow in the shoulders and some of the tops swallow me there.
    Cherokee are ok, they run big though and feel like they swallow me.
    Urbane has a great style but the tops are too short, not enough pockets and the pants make me feel like I have plumber's crack.
    Med Couture (I think they are made by Peaches) are the best. They are plenty big in the stride but not too big and they fit me perfect.
    Laundau and Peaches pants run big too and I feel frumpy.
    I haven't tried Grey's or Blue Sky but I hope to soon.
    I don't buy petite because I don't feel they are long enough but regulars are too long in some brands.
    I think it's to each his own, and you just have to see what fits you best.

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