Need scrub and shoe recommendations please!

  1. Can anyone recommend comfortable scrubs and shoes? I am pretty tall, about 5'11" and wear a size 5/6 and am looking for scrub pants that are long enough without being huge in my waist and need really comfy white shoes (had a previous back surgery so good shoes are important for me). I'm a nursing student but just got my first health care job that requires me to wear scrubs to each shift so I need to stock up and thought this might be the best place to get some recommendations! I bought Grey's Anatomy pants and a Peaches top but the peaches top is scratchy! Shoes I have no clue what to get other than regular sneakers...which are hard to find in all white these days!!
    Any suggestions are welcome!! Thank you guys!!!
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  3. by   MyLady23
    I was about to recommend the Grey's Anatomy scrubs. These are super comfy and they usually fit nicely on the top. Did the top not fit you?

    You can also go to
    I don't know where you live, but the actual store is close by to my house, maybe to yours too? They have a huge selection of scrubs, shoes and everything else you need. Good luck!
  4. by   stephie_love
    I love the Sketchers Shape-Ups...they help with posture, they really do! You'll see what I mean when you try a pair on. And they are SUPER comfy...

    I had breast reduction surgery a few years back, so I get the back issues
  5. by   KGMM
    Thank you soooo much!! Yes, when I tried on the grey's anatomy they were so soft and were long enough I was thrilled! I live in southern NJ, I'll look for the store. I appreciate it, thank you!!!
  6. by   KGMM
    I haven't tried the sketchers, will have to check them out! Thanks! I have the Reebok runtones though but they're grey! ugh! I have some really good sneakers for my back but none are white!! Luckily I do have extra inserts for whatever pair I do find! I will check out the sketchers though so thank you!!
    I had back surgery and then after I healed and was better got hit sitting at a red light from behind and it messed my back up badly again. I'm getting it treated but need to be careful so I appreciate the recommendations a lot!!!
  7. by   nina_RN
    i was going to recommend sketcher shape ups in white too. i wear a size 6. super comfy. i have another pair from nurse mates called 'elis' .equally comfy but i mostly wear my shape ups.
  8. by   KGMM
    Thank you! Two votes for sketchers definitely helps point me in a good direction and I'll check out the nurse mates too! Thank you so much!! It's very intimidating to just not even know where to start without wasting money on scrubs & shoes that won't be comfy! Thank you very much!
  9. by   rayshettabrown
    I wear scrubs made by the brand KOI,Nike shoxs are comfortable I'm 6'0 and I wear ladies size 12 shoe.
  10. by   Double-Helix
    I definately love Grey's Anatomy scrubs. Most places sell scrubs seperately, not as a set, you you can get a different size top if one size doesn't fit well. They also have several different styles of tops and lots of colors, so you can mix and match. I've also had good luck with dickies element scrubs. They feel very similar to Grey's scrubs.

    I really think they best thing you can do is find a store that sells lots of scrubs (medical supply store, Super Shoes) and try on different brands and styles. That way you can feel the material and try on the sizes for yourself. You can even go online and buy your favorite colors once you know the brands and sizes you like.

    As far as shoes- I don't have a certain brand I like, but it's based more on the shoe. I like shoes with good arch support, soft inner soles (gellin!) and that come up high enough to support the ankle. I've had a k-swiss and a new balance pair that both lasted about a year. Again, I think trying on the shoes in a store is the best way to find a good pair. Just be prepared to replace them often.
  11. by   KGMM
    Thank you I will check KOI out and the Nike's too...I've been a Nike fan since I was a kid so good to know! If KOI pants are long enough for you they'd be good for me too, thanks! I tried on a size small of Cherokee I think it was and they might as well have been capri's on me! Thank you!

    You guys are all great, I can't thank you enough! I need to buy a bunch of scrub sets and the shoes so this is great info! I really appreciate it everyone!
  12. by   belgarion
    Aviator scrubs are pricey but you will probably be able to leave them to your grandchildren. They last forever. Since I don't want to pay for Z-Coils I wear the Shape-Ups (white of course).
  13. by   KGMM
    Great info thanks! I found one local store that sold separates and that's where I got my one set. I'll need to go back and literally just try on every brand they have I guess and look for another store too.
    As far as shoes I do have gel running inserts to use in whatever I buy, but need recommendations on what is comfy as a starting point so I'll have to go to som stores and try all the ones recommended on. Someone did tell me to plan on replacing them often, which makes sense with the amount of wear and tear they take.
    Thank you so much for the info, again you guys are all great! I knew posting here would get me a wealth of information and I appreciate it all! Thanks!
  14. by   KGMM
    scrubs that last forever would be great, thank you!!! Shapeups keep getting votes, I'll have to try them first! I don't even know what Z-Coils are! See, this is why I asked you all!! I'm guessing Z-Coils wouldn't be in my budget right now anyway the way you said that! lol!!
    Thank you!