My feet hurt. help?

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    Hi guys, I am not a nurse but I do want to be one, one day. I work in a well known retail store and I am on my feet for 4 - 8 hours a day, after the long shift I drive home and when I get out of the car I walk funny to the door because I am not able to walk right, then usually in the night, after I get out of my bed about a hour or so after work my ankles hurt too like they are going to break along with my feet. I am not used to being on my feet much, I been working at this job for about 6 weeks, is this normal? will it go away? is there something I can do to help this go away? I ask this because you are all nurses and are on your feet a lot too. is it my shoes? any response would be appreciated. thanks everyone

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    It could be your shoes but if you are wearing comfortable shoes and not 5" Christian LeBoutians to work in, then you may try going to a podiatrist for an evaluation. He may want to try a pair of custom orthotics. Many people swear by them and can't work without them once they get used to them....just a thought.
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    I'm sorry diva rn I don't want to be rude but you spelled Louboutin Incorrectly possibly it was a typo for you
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    And yes it's normal for your feet to hurt starting a new job that demands you to be on your feet. as diva rn stated check your shoes do you have anything comfortable. What I would do come in with nice shoes and when your feet start to hurt change to a more comfortable shoe do this a lot you will train your feet to stay in heels longer
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    Quote from OhmyimgoingtobeaRN
    I'm sorry diva rn I don't want to be rude but you spelled Louboutin Incorrectly possibly it was a typo for you

    Whoops, you're right.......should have looked at the box....actually, I don't have any, they are too narrow for me but fun to look at. I'm more of a Jimmy Choo sandal girl
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    Like diva like Jimmy choo are cute to Alexander McQueen are really out of this world sometimes though lol
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    I heard dansko are comfortable
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    Danskos are great...once you break them in they're the most comfortable shoes.
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    Hi guys, thank you all who have posted, I just wanted to update everyone. after changing shoes, the problem went away. I am happy to report that my feet feel great after work.
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    What kind of shoes did you end up with?

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