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  1. 0 anyone ever order a stethoscope from

    starting nursing school next semester and need to buy a scope. school recommends all the students buy the Littmann Cardiology III. I've been looking around at the various online vendors and found these guys from littmann's site. they offer free laser engraving on the bell which is a big plus. i think i'd prefer the engraving on the bell to the ones on the tubing.

    has anyone ordered from them?
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    I did,

    I'm also new to nursing next semester and Medisave saved Xmas for me. I ordered a stethoscope tuesday with personalization at 5pm and I received at 10am on Thursday! (we did pay for Fedex).

    I also got an email today with some discount codes from them (wish I had them before I placed the order !

    Im not sure if these discount codes will work for other people (there was no expiry date) but here they are

    Save $5 off the 2815P Littmann Classic II SE Pink Stethoscope (Breast Cancer Edition) - Coupon Code at Checkout: tickledpink

    Save $5 off any Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope - Coupon Code at Checkout: auscultation

    Save $10 off any Littmann Electronic Stethoscope - Coupon Code at checkout: ambientnoise

    Before Medisave I had ordered a stethoscope from another supplier (helped my parents order as it was a gift) over 2 weeks ago and they did not send the stethoscope out to me. It took 10 phone calls before I found out they were waiting for stock. Thats why we ended up at Medisave
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    Well my scope came in without any issues. The laser engraving is really nice and clean. Plus it was free. Their prices are pretty much the same as the other big retailers but the other guys charge for engraving usually. Good deal imo.
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    Thanks grunmpy nurse I just ordered my CARDIO 3 from this website and used the coupon code and it worked great!!! Not only are these guys the cheapest I found on the internet they also have free engraving and multiple options for shipping. WHAT A GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!

    ps i got my stethoscope for about 20-30 dollars cheaper than had i gotten it from a large chain.
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    Has anyone seen a coupon for the master classic II by chance?
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    The coupon codes don't seem to work for me... can anyone else get it to work?
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    Im sorry, the email I had did say the coupon expired at some point, I cant remember when or find the original email. Although a quick look on google for Medisave discount coupons shows this one as "100% reliable"


    This was from the retailmenot site.
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    Thanks so much for the info on medisave. I got a Littman Cardiology III for graduation from them. I considered other sites and also a retail store (their price was $65 more than medisave). Medisave's price was one of the cheapest but the free engraving sealed the deal. I would recommend that site to anyone.
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    I was wondering if anyone had any promo codes that are good for now? All the ones i found are expired. I'm looking to buy the cardiology III for my boyfriend as a gift.
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    Sorry. I can't find any current coupon codes. The amsashow code I used expired at the end of April.
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    Try They usually have the most up-to-date coupon codes and will tell you which ones have expired/don't work.

    I got 5% off my Littmann Cardio III on top of the fact that Medisave had the cheapest prices I could find (with FREE engraving). I had my scope the day after I ordered it!!
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    welovenurses for 5% off any order through the end of May 2009.
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    Yes, I plan on ordering from them in a few days and taking advantage of that 5% off coupon. I was thinking of getting the ALL black Littmann master Cardiologist stethoscope. I'm just curious if the black on the metal parts rubs off, exposing the silver metal, which would look kind of crappy.