Longer tops?

  1. I'm oh-so-lucky enough to be a somewhat tall gal (5'9") with short legs (usually a 30" inseam is more than sufficient for me) and a long torso. It's hard to find long tops - most don't even cover the top quarter of my tush which means I can't bend over or squat down without showing my lower back. I start NS this fall and as long as my scrubs are navy, I can wear any brand; I tried a few on at the store in town and was unhappy with the lengths I found. Anyone in a similar situation who knows which brands make longer tops?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you look around there are websites or other contacts of people who custom make scrubs. When I have come across these sites, though, I have found the prices to be pretty high. But it would probably be worth the extra cost to have something that fits. There is at least one thread here that gave one of these sites if you can find it with a search.
  4. by   morte
    i presume you have tried the "tall" ones? other than that, try men's......or a navy blue sheet and sewing machine, lol....
  5. by   SHURN
    I am shorter - 5'4" - but with a VERY long torso. I have resorted to always wearing a long tank under my top. I like the "long and lean" from Target. Cheap and keeps me covered! For sure stay away from Urbane scrub tops - they are like belly baring early 90's style length on me!
  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    Honestly, you're in a tough spot. I always thought I was long-waisted but at 5'5" I wear the same inseam as you and I also have a problem with tops often being too short.

    Do you sew? Dolman-sleeved tops are two seams plus pockets and a neckline. It's simple to add length to a pattern.
  7. by   meadowsong
    I have some scrubs I got from Uniform Advantage, it is their UA brand and they are definitely a longer scrub top. I'm not sure if all the styles fit this way though. They have their lengths listed in some of the descriptions, so it may be worth looking at. Good luck!
  8. by   calidonrnstudent
  9. by   tamadrummer
    I wear the three pocket "tall" tops from Cherokee and love them. Having 3 pockets is awesome and not having my undies sticking out of my pants is nice. Being a guy it's not that big of a deal but being modest has always been my style. It's amazing to me how many women don't care about flashing their unders all the time.