Iguana Med Scrubs

  1. I wonder if anyone out there can offer advice on Iguana Med scrubs for women. I have several friends who absolutely LOVE them and where nothing but them because they are so soft. I would like to order some off line because our local scrub store doesn't carry them for whatever reason and they state they won't special order them. Whatever....anyway...I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how they run in size in relation to the Cherokee scrubs. I wear an XS in both tops and bottoms. Thanks for any help!!!
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  3. by   magn1jes
    I am bumping this because I would like to know the answer as well!
  4. by   emmy27
    The women's IguanaMed are similar in size/fit to the Cherokee junior fit scrubs, but run much smaller than the more traditional Cherokee women's/unisex cuts. I wear an XS in both Cherokee junior fit and women's Iguanamed. Don't know about the Men's/Unisex Iguanamed sizing.

    And yes, they are SUPER comfy and durable. If you like them, Wonderwink's Two-Stretch and Utility Girl lines also have similar fabric, styling, and fit.
  5. by   veroniicaxoxo
    I just actually bought my first pair was able to try them on and everything. I wear a size 5-7 jeans and 36dd bra size and i was able to get small bottoms and medium top. I made the big mistake of getting small cherokee bottoms and wishing for the xs so maybe they run a little more normal in sizes cause cherokee runs large most scrubs I've been good with small bottoms, and medium tops.

    Hope this helped.
  6. by   KnitWitch
    Here's a size chart for Iguana Med women's scrubs: | allheart.com

    Remember that these are your body measurements -- the scrubs themselves have ease built into them, so if you're on the upper end of a size don't order up. Order to your measurements and you should be fine.
  7. by   msjellybean
    I know this is an old thread, but if anyone searches, I figured it might be helpful.

    I've always worn XS in Cherokee workwear tops & bottoms. I recently looked into buying Iguana Med scrubs and per their sizing and my friends reports, they fit a little more true to size than Cherokee. I bought smalls in the Quattro top & cargo pants. Had to return them because they absolutely hung off of me like a sack. I should have followed my instinct and bought the XS like I had planned.