I think cutsey scrub tops look ridiculous on adult units - page 29

The other day a co-worker strolled in wearing a scrub top festooned with furry, smiling teddy bears. On an adult cardiac floor...REALLY? On various adult units I've seen Looney Tunes, Precious... Read More

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    Patterns are ok, but unless you work peds or L and D, teddy scrubs and smiley faces look stupid. Just my opinion...
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    Personally I work on a Psych unit where we wear regular clothing, but I worked registry a while back and I never liked cutesy print scrubs on regular Med-Surge units. Now if it is a Peds unit, then by all means.
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    So with all I have to worry about on the floor I now have to add fashion police to that list too?

    To me unless you look like a complete unkempt slob I don't care what pattern top your wearing. I'm also sure that a patient battling cancer or having severe pain wracking his body doesn't either.
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    Gymnut, you are right. As long as I'm clean, I don't care what I look like. Still, there are many, many colours, prints and patterns to choose from besides teddy bears.
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    Quote from Twitchy
    Example: I got to my patient's house (home care) wearing a mock-wrap top with puppies on it, and that day, my boss asked me how my dog was doing. Out of nowhere. I think it was the top lol
    Ok, here is where I start having the problem (personally, not professionally). When I'm @ the doctor's office & the nurse walks in w/ dogs or cats on the scrub top. . . I immediately think to myself "this person is a recent graduate nurse who was previously a vet tech. Not that there is anything wrong with that . . . but it gives me the creeps.
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    Quote from joanna73
    Gymnut, you are right. As long as I'm clean, I don't care what I look like. Still, there are many, many colours, prints and patterns to choose from besides teddy bears.
    Oh there are definitely a lot of colors and prints to choose from. I will admit first hand that while shopping for scrubs I came across a lot of tacky patterns such as the bright orange zebra print

    I guess I have that 'who cares' attitude because while my dad was in the hospital for many months he watched a lot of old school cartoons in the afternoon like Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes (he's still a kid at heart). One of his nurses wore cartoon scrubs and he really got a kick out of them and they would always strike up conversations about them and all the cartoons and other TV shows they watched when they were young. It was a nice conversation piece and it made my dad happy in the end.

    As I said as long as you don't resemble anyone from the People of Walmart (it's a site) then you're OK in my book.
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    I don't think that I'll ever be the kind of nurse that wears the truly "cutesy" tops with cartoon characters/bunnies/colored teddy bears/etc. Never was a cartoon fan and I'm told a lot that I look young, so parading around with Road Runner on my scrub top wouldn't make me feel so great

    I used to swear that I would *never* wear anything but plain and serious scrubs-navy, dark green, etc. Then I found some solid colored and subdued-print scrubs I loved and had a change of heart. I've been told numerous times by patients that these scrubs are unique and cheerful, and I often feel a mood boost in the morning when I put them on. So I think there's a middle ground and way to have some fun with what you wear without looking completely ridiculous.
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    Actually I have a funny story about the oral surgeon I went to to have my wisdom teeth removed as a teenager. When I first walked into his office it looked like a crazy antique store. There was a giant suit of armor in the waiting room and all kinds of odd doo-dads and knick knacks everywhere.

    When I finally met him he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a shark tooth necklace. He then sat me down and told me I was going to watch a video to give me information on my procedure. It was on this old 1980's projector that resembled a view master and it was missing slides and the sound was off.

    My surgery went very smoothly and I was in zero pain afterward and had no complications. You might be wondering why I would ever let this goof ball come near me with a tooth brush let alone surgical tools. Well because the man actually has a very successful practice and was voted as best oral surgeon in our area a few years in a row. He also had numerous pictures on his wall of senators and a few d-list celebrities that he has met or performed surgery on. He is still in business as I type this and that parking lot is always full when I drive by.

    I know this didn't have much to do with the topic but the talk about looking professional in scrubs is what made me remember it!
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    While I respect the opinions of those who don't like printed scrub tops, I love to be able to wear them. I am a travel nurse so my wardrobe changes every few months and I really enjoy working in places that allow prints. Not to the point that I wouldn't accept an assignment but it does make me feel better. I have a scrub top that has angels all over it and I often am told that it is the prettiest top they have ever seen. While that is the only non-holiday top that has things rather than swirls or such on it, I still think that as long as my tops are pressed, clean and neat looking the patients don't care what we are wearing. Please, please don't try to bring back the WHITES!!! ugh, I hate being a girl in whites and I always spill something on my white pants. I hate that! To each his own and I hope that the OP doesn't become a manager who can decide what to wear for his department.
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