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The other day a co-worker strolled in wearing a scrub top festooned with furry, smiling teddy bears. On an adult cardiac floor...REALLY? On various adult units I've seen Looney Tunes, Precious Moments, rainbows and clouds,... Read More

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    Quote from 2ndwind
    Have you ever seen anyone show up to work in something like this? Ha ha! Came across it today...

    Life Uniform -Danielle - Fancy Rose Top

    O - M - G.
    I think I'd rather have a nice sedate Spongebob and Patrick print.
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    Quote from applescruffette
    I do like how they qualify it as a "fancy" rose top. It had to be a mistype of the word "gaudy."

    yuck. it looks like it might be better suited to the stage (i'm thinking teen pop or maybe country-western--"fancy rose" could be her name! ).

    the way it's advertised is interesting. the "nurse" appears to be leaning casually and seductively against a wall, hair all aflowing, makeup perfectly applied, eyes turned dreamily heavenward...yes, that's just how we all look & feel when we're at work.

    what if they'd put her in that top with white scrub pants, white shoes, hair pulled back, minimal makeup, stethoscope around her neck...?

    nah, still icky.

    (it's neat that this thread and the discussion live on!)
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    I too have appreciated that this post has not worn down or gotten off track. That being said, my scrubs were not "cutsey" but were plaid, patterned and holiday. I have no choice and will do "Royal blue" color of my unit. I took pride in professional appearance but we RN's and my techs all wear same blue.

    Somehow I think that our patients are savvy enough to recognize who their nurse is. ( I am working bone marrow transplant and our patients are with us for weeks/months. They'll know me for sure....)

    And yes, we have HUGE designations on our badges of "RN." That impressed me from the start- we are the only profession with the extra badge and I'm grateful that nursing is so recognized. Not whining but complaining that I will put nearly 1/2 my clothes in storage. Deep sigh. Again, not whining so please don't take this the wrong way.
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    Quote from ruby vee
    if you're still harboring the same image of nursing you had as a child, i devoutly hope you're either a student or a recent graduate. i would hope anyone who had been in the real world of nursing for more than a month would know it's not all teddy bears and rainbows.

    what's that suppose to mean please tell me you are trying to be sarcastic, and you understood i meant the "image" of nursing, that is to say the nurses in my mind as child stood out do to there actions, not what they wore! i hardly see how my lack of expirence would have to do with how a view nursing as a whole, or is there a certain number of years a person need to work in order to form or keep an opinion of their professsion?
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    Quote from 2ndwind
    Have you ever seen anyone show up to work in something like this? Ha ha! Came across it today...

    Life Uniform -Danielle - Fancy Rose Top
    Yep just the image I am trying to project -- not. It is quite hideous apart from anything else.
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    Whoever designs these things should bear in mind that many, if not most of us are not 20 or 30-somethings anymore; frankly, I'm to old to dress like a Kate Moss wannabee. (mind you, she's getting a bit long in the tooth now isn't she?) Also taking into account that huge patterns like that would make most of us-sadly, lacking perfect figures-end up looking like Rosie O' Donnel.
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    Quote from 2ndwind
    Have you ever seen anyone show up to work in something like this? Ha ha! Came across it today...

    Life Uniform -Danielle - Fancy Rose Top
    Ew. Forget ipecac ... this will do it. The perfect scrub top to make me projectile vomit all over her

    Whoever designed this should be shot ... 8 times ... maybe more.
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    Ok, I agree with this website.
    Please hear me out. I can dress myself. I have decent scrubs. Professional and in multi colors. Clean and pressed. There are not cutsey prints but plaid, colored and in colors I actually like. My new job- Royal blue and white. Hmm. I- and all of allnurses are professionals. I won't dress in cartoons or baby scrubs. But to not trust my judgement- terrribly frustrating. My blue scrubs I have paid so much for- er. Not required color. Really annoyed. Nuff said.
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    I am also a male nurse (ICU) and have to agree with you regarding the cutesy scrub tops. I have always had a hard time finding tops with patterns I like. I recently found a company with pathogen patterns on them http://www.pathophizz.com. I have just ordered a couple, so we'll see. They beat wearing bunnies or flowers.
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    I love cartoon and cute scrub tops. I think one of the cutest I saw was a Scooby Doo print a nurse of about 50 or so was wearing on our (adult) floor. Good grief, why get so aggravated by something somebody else is wearing?
    Personally some of the weird flower, "Day of the Triffid" type prints aren't to my particular style but I don't automatically believe their wearers are any less professional.

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