Hi, So this spring semester I will be starting clinicals for the first time and I'm SOOO anxious, nervous, and a little bit of everything else about the whole experience. Therefore, its only right that I acquire the best type... Read More

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    You could check some at Pulsestore. They have plenty of Stethoscope to choose from over their site. I have bought from their store for years now and they are still in good condition. here is the link to save you some time.
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    Quote from DixieRedHead
    I can't say this enough. Walmart has a great stethoscope in a box for $15 bucks. I have had several Littmanns and couldn't hear a thing (just me?). This is a great professional looking stethoscope that I can hear a gnat's heart with.
    I actually hear just fine with the cheap sprague that I used in nursing school. The main reason I have and use a Littman is 1)my mother bought it for my birthday and had it engraved and 2) it is much lighter and 3)it fits in my pocket better.

    If money is an object, I would suggest that you can survive clinicals just fine with a cheap scope. The one I used for school cost $11. The one I used years ago as an EMT was $8. I heard everything I needed to hear.

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