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so i was wondering if there was a generic name for the type of uniform that the woman is wearing in this picture?... Read More

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    yeah i guess pants are more comfy to wear during hospital duties, this could be nice in a private clinics

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    Standard British/UK nurses uniform.

    http://forum.uniforminsignia.net/vie...197c68a8e09399 Often colour of uniform and or belt gave an indication of rank and where a nurse worked. Ward sisters (floor nurses) would wear one colour while matrons (head nurses) another

    Belt is because the uniforms are not very fitted at the waist to cover multiple sizes in a range, so one wears the belt to adjust the fit. Don't think have ever seen a USA nurse wearing one, though have seen them in adverts.
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    It's cute, i just dont know if it would agree with the frequent bending over and interesting colors of bodily fluids. Ah, all the colors of the rainbow
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    Proper name is the NHS (National Health Service) nursing uniform, but there really isn't a standard colour for each grade rank for the whole of the UK. What holds true in Wales, is not the same in London and so forth. Normally however matrons wear darkish blue with ward sisters various shades of light blue, and or blue with small stripes, etc.
    You can see what the unform looks like without the belt here:http://www.brentwooduniforms.co.uk/s...ucts.asp?id=13

    Many places are doing away with various coloured uniforms and going with caps or stripes or something else to indicate rank. Being UK there has to be some sort of "Upstairs/DownStairs" aspect don't you know! The belt isn't that tight, or supposed to be, I mean it is not like one is wearing a corset. I've seen starched whites and or student uniforms here in the States that were far more restrictive.
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    I think it looks very much like the Aeroflot stewardess uniforms from the 70s!
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    I wore a scrub top similar to that for school. But the color wasn't as nice. My uniform had a collar, zipper front opening, 2 front pockets at the waist, pocket at the breast area, and a some where to attach your name tag to.

    This was my uniform for school. Almost similar in style to the one you're looking for but they don't have many colors available. http://www.doveapparel.com/products.asp?product_id=13#

    I think this is cute, it cinches at the waist...

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    Quote from donkey
    alright cool, thanks all. well im lookin to buy one, which also brings up another issue... does anyone kno off the top of their head where the best place to purchase uniforms such as this would be?

    for me it is ebay, and search scrub dress etc......... also a site called Travel locker.com
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