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:wavey: I just read an article in the Miami Herald about these shoes. The reporter wore them for 1 month and wrote an article for each week. They help reduce cellulite --She lost 1" from each of her thighs!!!! Yep! One month and... Read More

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    I purchased the MBT- sapatu. I have to admit they aren't the most attractive nursing shoes and my reasons for purchasing them wasn't to lose weight. I purchased them because I was getting back pain from standing on my feet for so long (ICU).
    They've made a HUGE difference on my back and interestingly enough my feet don't feel as fatigued.

    I purchased a second pair because they were phasing the Sapatu's out for a newer stylish set of clogs.

    I tried the new Allegria's as well-- turned around and Ebay'ed it the next day!

    Good luck!

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    Realize this thread is old... I just purchased my first pair of mbts Friday. They are super cute, pink and gray, well... I say super cute... Super cute in nursing shoe terms...
    Drawback was the 279.00 price tag but as a previous poster said the company will resole them for you at a reasonable price of 60 bucks plus shipping and handling.
    So for those of us who work 12+ hour shifts and spend most of that on our feet I'd say the shoes pay for themselves!
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    I ABSOLUTELY SWEAR BY MY MBTs! A former classmate of mine recommended them to me when I made a facebook post about how horribly sore my feet and legs were after my 12 hour shifts. She had tried them and loved them! The best part? I was getting a recommendation from someone who, like me (at the time) was very overweight and working 12 hour shifts on a busy floor. I can not say enough about them!

    I went from not being able to walk after sitting in the car to being able to go shopping after work (even after a long drive!). It is true that, after a couple of days, you will have some soreness in your legs, but it goes away quickly. It's gotten so bad (good!) that I only buy MBTs now...for work and play I did break down and buy a pair of Danskos "dress" shoes the other day, but only because MBT doesn't make a nice dress style.

    I have since lost 70 pounds and still swear by the MBTs. I've used both the clog style and various "tennis shoe" designs, all work wonderfully! But, I will tell you to definitely try the MBTs and not the wannabe shoes out there. Three separate nurses I worked with got cheaper versions of the rocker bottom shoes after I bragged about how good they felt and ended up with various injuries. You get what you pay for....but you can get MBTs cheaper at
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    I had them through school and now.. They are 3 years old and my feet are just starting to hurt. I got them from a wholesaler at half price. I didn't want to pay 250 for a new pair so spent 125 on some timberlake I think. They are ok but feet started to hurt.. went back to MTB's. I think I need to get a new pair. I got them for comfort. My pants now are tighter after wearing the other but if that is because of the shoes I have no idea have been eating more. I like to think I am exercising more when walking but I got them so my feet don't hurt. I found when standing still one must sway in place otherwise hurt..wish I had just got another pair instead of trying different shoes..

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