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:wavey: I just read an article in the Miami Herald about these shoes. The reporter wore them for 1 month and wrote an article for each week. They help reduce cellulite --She lost 1" from each of her thighs!!!! Yep! One month and... Read More

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    I'm not sure about "tons of weight" but I have lost about 8 pounds and the only thing that changed was my shoes!

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    I tried them on and loved them for the short time I walked around the store. I needed an all-white pair for school, and I was afraid to spend the money and be told I could not wear them because of the color. I plan on getting a pair after graduation or sooner if they come out with an all-white pair that would be acceptable for clinicals for my school.
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    I bought a pair of the Chung Shi's (all white leather). Their similiar to the MBT's. I've worn them for about a month now. They did feel strange for the first few minutes but I think they feel great so far. I had/have what feels like a serious heel spur on my left foot, but these shoes do help out a lot. I almost don't feel it with the Chung Shi's on. Although I still do some after they're off. I'm hoping that after a few months with these maybe I won't need cortisone or surgery. At $250 they're steep, but still a cheaper alternative than the former. We will see. J
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    A fellow nurse recommended your brand to me when I was looking to get another pair of MBTs. I heard they felt similar to them. Please let me know your progress...thanks!
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    I've got the Orthotebb Clogs in White and Navy. They are cool and very much a workout. The site says you burn about twice the calories walking in them as regular shoes and boy, can I feel it. They work your entire leg muscles and even your lower back and rear end.

    I've had them about a year now and have lost lots of inches in my thighs, hips, rear and yes, cellulite is very diminished. It's the workout the shoes cause, kind of like a walking stairmaster. I thought at first they would make me tired, but I now wear them an entire shift and my legs still feel lively at the end. The only drawback that I can see is my regular shoes feel wierd now when I take them off. I think my legs 'miss' them when I don't wear them.
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    This thread surprised me. I have a pair of MBTs and love them, but have never even thought of wearing them to work. They're great for walking straight forward. That's how I wear them, on a walking path. I think any side-to-side movement would be tricky, and possibly dangerous.
    In short, they're a great shoe for walking work-outs, but probably not the best thing for work.
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    I am also starting nursing school next week and looking for a good pair of shoes. I am willing to buy the MBT's but can anyone tell me how long they will last? I plan on wearing them for clinicals only.
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    Quote from WhichOldWitch?
    I just read an article in the Miami Herald about these shoes. The reporter wore them for 1 month and wrote an article for each week. They help reduce cellulite --She lost 1" from each of her thighs!!!! Yep! One month and she lost 1" on one thigh and more than 1" on the other! Says her pants are fitting her better . They also help with posture and backache.

    The huge drawback is the pricetag $250!!!!
    They are kind of funky looking, with a rocker type bottom. I think I will go try on a pair and see how they feel..

    Anyway, I would love to hear about anyone's experiences with these.

    I checked out their website....
    Very interesting..

    I wear them, and they are quite comfortable. I don't know of any reason why they would lead to weight loss, but they do improve posture and thus improve backache.

    I also bought another pair for general use, walking the dog, etc. I can't ever let a former girlfriend know about how much I spent on shoes...:chuckle

    They are expensive, but you can have the company re-sole them pretty inexpensively, which should make the shoes' lifetime cost pretty reasonable. I've had mine since last July, and they are still very comfortable, which isn't the case for running shoes, etc.
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    i have worn MBT's for 2 years. They got rid of my hip and foot pain. I did NOT lose dress sizes just by wearing these shoes. That is a bunch of "hooey".
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    LOVE THEM!!!
    I am very tall and my back is usually very sore at the end of a long night. It was the same in my retail job before becoming a nurse.
    If you follow the directions about how to walk in them you can feel your legs working as you walk (this is how I think some people are losing inches). If you walk correctly it feels like a massage on your feet. At the end of my shift my back is not sore and my feet don't hurt.
    I will warn you - they are hideous and expensive but you will love them like the ugliest dog in the world.

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