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  1. 0 Hey girls! So I just bought my first pair of danskos yesterday. My shoe size is usually an 8. I bought a 38, felt good in the store. I can fit my pointer finger in the back and the back of my foot moves out of the shoe when I walk. The thing is the top of my feet are killing me now. At the top they are tight. Should I return them and get a 39? I tried the 39 on, but they seemed too big, but now I don't know! How long does it take to break them in?
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    If the length is ok and your heel is moving freely you've got the right size. I've found that the part that goes across the top of my foot just takes awhile to break in, and anytime I get new Danskos or Sanitas that aren't the mary jane style (which I definitely prefer), I have to wear them out shopping or doing errands or around the house for quite awhile before I can wear them for a full 12 hour shift.
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    Thank you. When I tried on the 39, they felt huge! How long does it take to break them in?
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    I hear you had to wear them for an hour, then two etc etc til you can wear them for the full 12 hours. So yes it takes time. I always took a second pair of shoes with me to work and changed when it was time I took my shoes and had the tops; the part you are complaining about stretched. I would not do this just yet because they are still new and after you break them in, they may be just fine for you.. Give it time..
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    I ended up returning them for the next size up. So much better!
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    Love my Danskos!! Oh, wait! Maybe I should buy another pair! LOL!
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    I had the exact same problem and it was solved by getting a wide!