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Dansko white clogs/bleach??

  1. 0 Hi, I have a pair of the white leather Dansko clogs. Theyre only a few months old and I wipe them every shift if i have time, but I've never really cleaned them-cleaned them. I can't find a valid sorce saying if bleach is totally safe, and if so do I soak them in a bleach/water solution and if so how long? Do I just put some on a rag and spot clean? I've read people saying they put theirs in the washer... i just feel like that is so risky for shoes this expensive. Any personal experiences? I just want to start doing weekly cleanings that will kill germs and make them look fresh. Thanks!
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    I've used those bleach cleaning wipes. I would not put these shoes in a washing machine and I would not soak them either.
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    Have you tried the heavy duty wipes in the hospital? Or alcohol wipes? That's what I used to clean my white Dansko's. They got very spiffy in both cases.
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    I put some bleach on a cotton ball for the bottoms of the shoes - theres some kind of stain that will NOT come out!!! I dont know what else I can use
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    Try peroxide. Dip it in a cotton ball and apply.
    This cleaning tip is my favorite:
    Buy oxyclean acne cleansing pads. Wipe the shoe down with one and then set it in direct sunlight. If that doesn't get it clean, wipe it on and then place it in a freezer bag. (So it stays wet) and then place it in the sun.
    I hope this helps. This way even takes permanent marker and pen out of the plastic on baby-dolls.
    Hope it helps!