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Dansko sizing - page 2

I am buying a pair of Danskos online and cannot decide which size I need. I wear a 5.5 in American sizing, but tried a 36 in store and felt it was too big. Would a 36N (5.5-6N) or 35 (4.5-5) be... Read More

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    I bought my first pair of Danskos at a local clog store. I am hard to fit because my foot is narrow & between sizes. The owner told me that once I figured out what size & color I wanted, he would bring out 5 pairs of that size. Then I should pick out the right & left clog that fit best. It is surprising how much the same size can vary. You can bet I keep buying at that store! Unfortunately they don't make more clogs in narrow.
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    Quote from roser13
    Have you worn them yet?

    Didn't see this until just now! Yes, I've worn them, built up over a period of days until I could wear them for a 12-hr shift. I didn't like them at first but I love them now -- they provide excellent support because I am often on my feet the entire 12-hrs, literally. I do alternate with my Shox, and they sometimes rub my baby toe if I do a ton of walking, but I got a moleskin-thingy to help with that. All in all, a great purchase! The only thing I don't like is that they aren't quiet -- but I guess I'll just have to get over that.