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Anyone like these? I'm thinking of purchasing a pair. Problem is.......I'd have to order online. No store close by. These are not cheap shoes and want your opinions on wear and tear, comfort, ect. before I invest. I have foot... Read More

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    Just FYI. I found two professional styles (Corinne and Caitlin) Danskos at 6pm.com for $34.95. They have several other styles for the same price, but those are more casual styles.

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    I love Danskos...I've always worn sneakers like Nike Shox but recently made the switch over to "real" nursing shoes. Echoing what the other posters said, upon first trying them on they might feel uncomfortable especially if you are used to wearing cushiony sneakers. But the hardness and stiffness of the shoes supports wonderfully and does wonders for your feet, legs, and lower back. Also keep in mind that they will also fit differently- when you walk, the back of the shoe will not hug snugly around your foot like sneakers do. Appararently your feet are supposed to lift up out of the shoe ever so slightly with every step. At least this is what the owner of a local nursing supplies store told me. But I have been wearing mine for a few months now and can really feel the difference, so they are definitely worth investing in.
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    I just purchased my new Dansko clogs and am looking forward to not having pain in my feet. They are very cute to.
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    I'm all about the Skecher Shape ups now! These shoes have saved my back and my feet. Money well spent.

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