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Clinical supplies

  1. 0 Does anyone know where I can find a small carrying case to keep my stethoscope, BP cuff, penlight, hemastat, gauze??? We arent allowed purses or cellphones (duh) but I would like to keep all of my supplies together.
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    Pockets? Seriously everything I use during clinicals can fit into my pockets.

    And you guys are required to have a BP cuff???
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    Alot of the students in my cohort use those clipboards that open to have a compartment you can fit alot of stuff in there. I use a binder with a zippered pencil bag and hang my stethoscope around my neck and wear a "nursing apron".
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    The craft section at walmart had cute little bags meant for craft supplies, they have several pockets on them. I haven't seen them online, just in the store.

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