Classic II S.E. color choices

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    I am going to think about Caribbean Blue with the rainbow Finish or All Black which one do you think is better?

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    I bought the Caribbean with rainbow and I LOVE it!!
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    Quote from adf96
    I bought the Caribbean with rainbow and I LOVE it!!
    isn't it neat?

    also if you order from medisave they engrave for free and ship for free!
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    i like a rainbow head, but not so sure about the tubing color; I am still going to think about ti
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    I had one with the rainbow finish as a backup but decided to sell it. It was definitely so pretty
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    it seems alot of ppl like the Caribbean blue with the rainbow head
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    Is there a coupon code for the free engraving or shipping?
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    nope - its standard on Littmans -
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    I dont know if I want to engrave mine
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    I bought the chocolate and copper one. Thought I was being unique until a nurse intern showed up with the identical one. I love mine though.

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