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I have to buy a pair of shoes ( CAN be tennis shoes) as long as they are all white. I have wide feet...but haven't owned a pair of tennis shoes in years. I can't do Birkenstocks though...I wear the soles down too unevenly. ... Read More

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    The best place to get shoes that fit comfortably for wide feet is an orthopedic shoe store. They carry brand shoes made for very wide and very narrow feet. Also, my sister is obese and has a problem with the soles wearing down unevenly. It is because of the fat between the thighs forcing her feet to be turned more outward. Years ago a podiatrist had her get 1/16th inch wedges placed on the outside of the sole of each shoe which made a huge difference in the way she stood and helped her foot point forward like it should when walking. The soles still wear down, but when they have started to wear down to the original sole she just takes them to a shoe repair and has new wedges applied. You can only get wedges through orthopedic shoes stores, I thought. Color isn't a problem: white, black or brown can be done. Another thought. . .if you are overweight it would be a very good idea to put arch supports inside your shoes to avoid getting a plantar fasciitis from standing long periods of time. PF is misearable and painful if you ever get it. Although anyone can get it, obese people are particular prone to getting it according to her podiatrist. When you are going to be standing on your feet a lot, it is best to treat them to the best. I'm not kidding.
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    Quote from luvmy2angels
    I have always worn Nurse Mates, they come in Wide sizes. I have never had a problem with them. I have flat feet as well as wide so I need comfortable and very supportive shoes. Good luck shoe hunting!!:chuckle
    I wear NurseMates in Wide width. I don't need the "wide" part in the morning, but after 12 hours, I'm thankful for it!
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    I have wide, flat feet with high insteps. I am overweight, but I haven't noticed that my shoes wear unevenly. I love my Danskos. Especially the pair that I bought this year with elastic inserts at the tongue of the shoe. I can run in them if need be, unlike the Dansko Professional. I have much less leg and back fatigue after 12 hours spent on concrete.
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    My friend has wide feet and can't wear Dansko's. She swears by her crocs.
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    I'm new to the different brands of shoes. I have to wear mostly white sneakers. I had foot surgery this summer, so I splurged and bought a pair of Nike Shocks. I also bought a pair to wear at work 'cause I'm on my feet all day. My feet don't bother me at all. Just don't make the mistake of trying to break them in in one day. Wear them around the house for a couple of hours a week or so before you have to wear them all day.
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    New Balance make a whole range of wide sizes.
    I wear the MW811 model. Very comfy and supportive for long hours.
    Also take a look at a great webpage that recommends different styles and brands of nurses shoes with an emphasis on comfort:
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    I'm a Crocs fan as well (I have big and wide feet...12W!)

    My only beef with Crocs is that their white isn't really white...they call it Pearly White, I call it very light grey.

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    Birkenstock, Crocs, or Born. I have double wide feet!
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    I've been getting New Balance Mens size 9, 4E, various models for years. I put a support insole in, too. Only thing that gives my toes enough room. Normally I would wear a woman's size 9 1/2 or 10, wide (D). But I use the "big" shoes for work or walking/exercising.

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