Best shoes I have a bad back

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    Hi everyone I just got accepted into Nursing School for this August. I have scoliosis and my back tends to hurt after im on my feet for a long time. Does anyone have this problem. I was wondering what shoes I should buy for my clinicals? thanks

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    They kind of look funny, but I have the Z-coils, and love em. I too have back issues and they seem to decrease the issues when on my feet for extended periods of time; You might also look into the Reebock "EasyTones" they are really cushion-y in the heel so they also help with my back issues.

    Hope this helps. Also don't forget to get help to move/lift patients. This will help decrease back injuries. I learned this the hard way. ;0)
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    I have stenosis, bulged disks and constant muscle spams. My first clinical I used white Sketchers and my feet and back killed. My second one I bought a pair off pull on clog like but wil backs nurse mates shoes and I love them! Another friend of mine with a bad back likes those new rocker looking shoes. I can't think of what they're called but I'm sure you heard of them.
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    Try the shape up's by sketchers. They are wonderfule and they will make clinicals and future life as a nurse on your feet good.
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    I'd recommend Alegria Shoes. It features rocker outsole and removable footbed for your own orthopedic footbed. You can read many happy reviews on it's facebook page.
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    I suggest nurses mates shoes.....
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    I've tried so many different shoes. While I wouldn't say I have a "bad" back, I am overweight and I do get an achy back by the end of my shifts sometimes.

    Currently, I alternate between a pair of the new Crocs Mercy Work (they have a bit more arch support than other crocs, and they also are more slip resistant and have no holes in them) and a pair of Birki Dorian clogs.

    Alternating them works well for me, switching back and forth between super padded and super supportive.

    I also have a pair of Klogs that are amazing for my feet and my back feels good in them, but I don't wear them as often because they are a bit clunkier and have a 2 inch heel - I'm so paranoid about rolling an ankle.

    I've also tried Nursemates and Danskos and absolutely hated both with a burning passion! Least comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

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