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  1. I'm sure this topic has gone around this place a few time, but I have yet to really find a pair of shoes I love. When I worked in a college kitchen for a year I had a pair of shoe called Klogs, they were the best shoes I ever owned, not pretty but definitely practical. We aren't allowed to wear that type of shoe, so I can't get them.

    I've tried Nike Air, Nike AirMax, and Adidas. We can't wear crocs, we can wear Dansko's but I recently tried on a pair and wasn't impressed at all, they were heavy and hard on my feet.

    What are your suggestions?
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  3. by   jadelpn
    Seems like the more I walk, the wider my feet get, so Nike, which seems to run really narrow doesn't work for me. I like Reebok "princess" sneakers. They are not pretty, but the soft leather conforms to my foot well. Also, I just tried Ryka sneakers, which also run wide, and are airy and comfortable. I also really like shorter socks, which have some padding as well.
  4. by   Twinmom06
    I hated Dansko's until I was properly fitted for them - now they are pretty much the only shoes I'll wear...there are also Alegria which is a really good shoe as well! My advice - go to a good uniform shop and get well fitted, you'd be surprised, I never thought my foot was all the way up to a size 9 but it really is! The trick with Dansko's is to make sure the arch of the shoe and your arch in your foot lines up...
  5. by   newbebop
    Klogs shoes are my favorite!! They have closed back and even tennis shoe like versions that you could wear. Assuming that the reason you can't wear klogs is r/t the open backs. I wear the naples version to work and it is very similar to the dansko only more practical looking than bright or shinny. ;-)