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  1. 0 I'm sure this topic has gone around this place a few time, but I have yet to really find a pair of shoes I love. When I worked in a college kitchen for a year I had a pair of shoe called Klogs, they were the best shoes I ever owned, not pretty but definitely practical. We aren't allowed to wear that type of shoe, so I can't get them.

    I've tried Nike Air, Nike AirMax, and Adidas. We can't wear crocs, we can wear Dansko's but I recently tried on a pair and wasn't impressed at all, they were heavy and hard on my feet.

    What are your suggestions?
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    Seems like the more I walk, the wider my feet get, so Nike, which seems to run really narrow doesn't work for me. I like Reebok "princess" sneakers. They are not pretty, but the soft leather conforms to my foot well. Also, I just tried Ryka sneakers, which also run wide, and are airy and comfortable. I also really like shorter socks, which have some padding as well.
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    I hated Dansko's until I was properly fitted for them - now they are pretty much the only shoes I'll wear...there are also Alegria which is a really good shoe as well! My advice - go to a good uniform shop and get well fitted, you'd be surprised, I never thought my foot was all the way up to a size 9 but it really is! The trick with Dansko's is to make sure the arch of the shoe and your arch in your foot lines up...
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    Klogs shoes are my favorite!! They have closed back and even tennis shoe like versions that you could wear. Assuming that the reason you can't wear klogs is r/t the open backs. I wear the naples version to work and it is very similar to the dansko only more practical looking than bright or shinny. ;-)