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Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe. Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from lcclark
    Just started wearing a pair of Akesso ( Skye mule style) shoes. They are light weight, comfortable and easy to wear even on a 12 hour shift.
    Another shoe that does not come in wide. Why is it that the best shoes are not made for people that have wide feet?

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    I am sold on DANSKO! I have high arches, work 12 hr shifts (which really run 13-14 hrs). I bought two pair to swap on alternate days. LOVE THEM!!!!!
    My feet don't hurt at the end of the day as they have with other shoes.
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    I think everyone's feet are different.
    I find negative heel shoes with thick soles keep ny arthritic toe from hurting. They are confortable for 12 hours until I walk to the car.

    I have two pair:
    Inexpensive and light weight -- Style & Co Dashh Toning Shoes White Womens

    MADE IN THE usa -- New Balance Women's WW1615 Toning Shoe
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    I'm a floor nurse and I'm on my feet 12+ hours a day for several days in a row. I find the best shoes for me are UnderArmour Brand with a built in foot sleeve. I have wide feet and they tend to stretch shoes out. This foot sleeve helps that. I also like Merrill brand. I alternate my shoes and try to never wear the same pair two days in a row.
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    I was a hairstylist for 25 years and now (yes crazy,I know...) I'm getting ready to start nursing school! I have tried soooo many shoes over the years. I too did the Dansko thing, they seemed good for a while, but I can't stand wearing them anymore...bummer too, cuz they still look brand new! A shoe that I've gone to, which no one has mentioned here yet are KEEN's. I have 3 pair and love them all. I deal with flat feet and ankle pain and tend to roll easily, but also because of lack of much arch, my foot tends to roll inward. Have dealt with plantar fasciitis as well on and off over the years. Merril's were good, but the footbeds tend to wear out quickly. A great tennis shoe/walker/cross trainer that has helped keep the ankle stable and provides good support are BROOKS. But it really is trial and error...expensive, yes. BUT if my feet hurt I hurt all over. Shoes are the most important investment you can make if you have injury or issues to deal with. I'm going to see if any KEEN's happen to come in white as required for nursing school uniform. We can't wear canvas tennis shoes. Since I am not going to be basically standing in one place like I did doing hair, I suppose I'll be starting from scratch trying to find something that will work for clinicals. I grateful to those that posted. Lots of information to research and lots of shoes to go try on!
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    Quote from gladtobeOB
    Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe.
    Has anyone of you tried Klogs. I like them the best. They are very comfortable. I worked as a transport orderly in my day and these shoes got me through my shifts nicely. they are not as heavy as dansko and they are very cushy feeling. good luck on your search.
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    I am an Alegria junkie. I have 7 pairs so far and LOVE them.
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    Update time! I bought those birkenstocks in june of last year and seven months later my feet finally got achy last week. Mind you, it's right in the middle of flu season and I'm working my patootie off. I was having a lot of trouble finding their shoes with the soft footbed, so I looked again and found birki's clogs with a convertible strap thing, wear front or at the back of the foot, in soft footbed and heaven be praised, in WHITE. Finally. They came in yesterday and they fit and feel good, I will be wearing them starting tomorrow. They were also forty bucks cheaper than the black shoes.
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    Alegrias for me as well
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    Where did you buy the soft footbed Birkenstock in white?

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