Anyone wear z-coils at work

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    I found a place that sells them and went to look at them....they look strange, but .I told myself that if I noticed a huge difference when I tried them on that I would get a pair.... Have to say that once I walked across the room in them at the store....I was blown I got a pair but wanted to know if anyone else has them and what your experience is with them
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    I got em, I love em, couldn't wear anything else now lol. I used to have the clog style now I have the Mary Jane looking ones. They last forever bc you can replace the coil anytime for $30 and re-sole them for $10. I work in the ER and they're the only thing that gets me through my day.

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    I have worked with several nurses who also swear by z-coils. I plan on getting a pair real soon as my feet are horrible anymore.
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    No. I had to have major surgery one of my ankles as a teenager. With the problems I have with my feet/ankles I don't think they would be a good fit for me... They look cool though.
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    i do!!! love them. who cares if they look strange or if people make comments (they do...haha)! i cant imagine wearing anything else

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