To left justify or not to left justify....

  1. 0 I have a job interview tomorrow and have been updating my resume to include some per-diem school nursing I have been doing over the past month. I am really unsure if I should left justify the entire document or if indenting the 2nd+ lines on entries would make it easier to read by breaking up the blocks of text.... Anyone else have an opinion? Some sites I have visited say to justify because it is easier to read, but my fiancee thinks its easier with the indents... Please Help!
  2. Poll: Should I justify the whole resume or should I indent the extra lines?

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    look through most of your reading papers, news, textbooks what do you see that they have in common? most text is left justified because its easier for the eyes to track when you're going from line to line. You use bullets to bring special info out. google resumes just scan through all of them see which ones catch your attention then why. Oh no doubt a resume is a work of art in its own right where you're aiming for information, readability, balance.

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