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Second Career/Older Graduate Resume Advise

  1. 0 I would greatly appreciate input on the following: I am an older (50y) grad who just passed NCLEX. This is my second career. I have always been employed since the age of 16, adding that ALL THREE (only three) jobs were long term...the last was for 20 years. I have a previous degree straight out of high school in Finance. I left the field and graduated with an ADN...I live in a rural area, am not really worried about EVENTUALLY finding work, and have a dream to work in LTC or Med Surg in one of the small area hospitals. Question: How would any of you approach what is said in cover letter...and what to showcase in resume? Your help is appreciated......
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    I was hoping someone had answered your question as I'm in a similar position except that I'm going to graduate with my BSN in July and I am headed to the Pacific NW, and I am concerned about getting a job.
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    I would just list my last job of 20 years. That is enough history. In the skills part of it I would highlight skills that would be applicable to nursing. Any more history than that will make you look, uhm, elderly. I say that as a fellow 50 year old!
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    Bam! Got hired! My resume went back to when I graduated in finace the first time round. I only had 3 jobs (always employed), so it worked out well. ...but only wanted names and phone numbers of the last.....guess I just put them on there to show work history. Good luck to all..........
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    Congrats! What is the job?
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    Also congrats. Glad you got the job and thank you for reviewing the resume I did for my nurse friend. Keep everybody in touch how you're progressing.