Second career nurse-resume help needed

  1. I am a relatively new nurse. I have been working for about a year in acute rehab. Prior to nursing school I had a previous professional career. I am getting ready to move out of state and will be seeking a new job. I need to redo my resume. I am wondering if I should go with the form that lists and objective at the top. I am also wondering if I should include my previous work experience as a school teacher. Also I am wondering if I should aim for the 1 page vs 2 page resume. Any thoughts?
    Thank you!
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  3. by   Genista
    Just some personal experience here...I recently landed a new job, and I found that my resume with "objective" and traditional format (education, chronological work history) was pretty much ignored. I re-did my resume into a more functional, bulleted skills based format as the focus (with work history and education being secondary) and this generated much more interest! I wonder if that's because resumes are scanned these days for certain phrases/words? Not sure, but I do know I got a bunch of calls after the re-do.I would go with 1 page if you can. I also think your experience as a school teacher would be relevant especially if the skills/abilities of that role apply to your new prospective job.Good luck to you!!

    JobStar Resume Guide -- Functional Resumes
  4. by   coopman712
    Thanks and thanks for the link. I need to look at many solid examples I think....
  5. by   Bob_N_VA
    I'm in the process of moving from one career field to another and as part of the transition I got professional assistance from a company called "Right Management" for updating my resume and job search skills to current day standards.

    The fact that you are currently working as a nurse puts you miles ahead. Focus on that experience as your main selling point. Everything else in your background, cherry pick the things that support you as a nurse: people skills, stress management, time management, computer skills, you get the drift.

    One of the things that this company points out is that your resume should have an objective or "branding statement" at the top that essentially sells you to the new employer. It has to summarize you as a nurse in 2 or 3 sentences. You can follow it with 2-3 bulletized Hard skills such as proficiency on a certain piece of equipment or system and soft skills as working with seniors or kids, time management, etc. The rest of the resume can be chronological or functional or a hybrid. Should be 2 pages or less and not chock full (think white space). Bullets or entries under each job should take the format of challenge -action-result. Spell check the crap out of it and have several friends also read it and critique it. Good luck.