School i haven't started on resume?

  1. Hello everyone!! I passed my NCLEX RN on 10/21/2014. I AM now very excited to apply for jobs. But I wanted to get into a bachelor program as soon as I passed. Theres a school i applied to and the admissions dept. told me theres a high chance I would get in. If i am accepted, I would start classes in January. i would like to know if I should put this on my resume? And how should I put it? Another question is that I am currently enrolled in the American Heart Association to complete both my BLS and ACLS. Can I put pending on these two certifications and list them on my resume? I have so many questions... I have no medical experiences so I am trying to make my resume the best it can be. I hope my Spanish speaking skills will help me greatly.

    Thanks in Advance! I am so thankful for ALLNURSES!!
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  3. by   RN403
    You can place pending for your certification status. I would hold off on placing your new school on your resume until you are actually accepted.
  4. by   RunBabyRN
    I wouldn't put the school on there until you've been accepted. I have on my resume that I am actively pursuing certain certs.
  5. by   NurseKis
    Thank you very much guys!!! I truly appreciate it!